Online payday loans within a few clicks

The benefits of applying for a free online payday loan quote

The benefits of applying for a free online payday loan quote

The  online payday loans  are a form of financing easier and faster to evaluate . 
However, they imply a capacity for careful and virtuous analysis.

The policy of a good financial site that offers online payday loans must be: a well organized and well developed network , with a site that gives a clear message to the user and to consultants who are available to study in depth the economic situation of the applicant: professionalism and reliability are aimed at satisfying the needs of the possible future customer. 

For this reason, the customer who wants to apply for payday loans online must always pay attention, evaluating well who he is turning to. Loan providers guarantees maximum transparency, no contractual restrictions, free quotations and customized solutions with light and manageable installments .

Loan providers offers, through its selected network of partners, online payday loans of up to € 40,000 and, when possible and feasible, up to 120 installments for the repayment of the payday loan.

Documents needed to get payday loans online

Documents needed to get payday loans online

Having analyzed the offers and decided what to do, the documentation must be prepared following a precise procedure:

  • It is important that in the requested data space you enter your data correctly, both fiscal, financial, and of commitments incurred.
  • You must leave your telephone number , e-mail , possibly specifying the time available to be called back.
  • Prepare the 3 latest pay slips , the CU  last or statement .

Normally, within 24/36 hours of the request , the client will be contacted by the bank consultant and / or a professional registered in the register of the (Body of Agents and Mediators).

The online payday loan request will be finalized by signing the contract by agreement only if the proposal you receive will be suitable for you to meet your needs.

How payday loan works: all the information you need for your quick loan

How much money can be obtained with a payday loan?

How much money can be obtained with a payday loan?

People who apply for a payday loan for the first time with this entity can get a maximum of 200 euros to return in a period between 7 and 28 days, with the corresponding interest. Recurring customers have the possibility to extend the payday loan up to € 600 to be repaid within a period of 28 days. The maximum APR is 7834.62% and the minimum of 3597.49% APR, the real value depends on the amount and the term of return of the contracted product.

This entity has a loyalty system that rewards punctual payers.

  • Basic: you can get 250 € maximum with your respective interest to be returned within a maximum period of 28 days after returning the first payday loan.
  • Silver octopus: with the second return of the payday loan the doors open to a greater amount, it is possible to obtain a maximum of € 350 with a discount of 10%.
  • Gold octopus: any customer who has requested and returned 4 payday loans automatically goes into this category of payday loans with a limit of € 500 and a 15% discount on interest.
  • Platinum octopus: if you get to 6 payday loans with this entity being a punctual payer you get access to € 600 with a discount of 20% on all applications.

What requirements must you meet to access the payday loan?

What requirements must you meet to access the payday loan?

  • Be between 21 and 70 years old
  • Permanent residence in Spain
  • DNI / NIE number
  • Mobile phone number
  • Be the holder of a bank account registered in the Spanish banking system.

How to get the money you need?

Choose the amount you need and the return period.

You need to register and complete the form on the payday loan providers website and you will have to provide your personal information:

  • full name
  • DNI / NIE
  • email
  • phone number

Once the registration is complete, you can identify yourself immediately. The answer can be obtained in 15 minutes. The transfer will be made and you will be able to arrange the money at your pleasure. The status information of the request will be sent by email or through sms to the telephone number provided by the client.

The decision of the entity is subject to the following factors:

The client must not have pending payments, nor debts to third parties that may hinder the payment of the payday loan, including the records in delinquency files.

That is not subject to legal or judicial procedures that may weaken your level of solvency.

All the information provided must be true and current.

How do I return the payday loan?

There are several channels through which it is possible to return the payday loan.

Bank transfer: can be done through online banking or you can go to a branch and make the payment. The entity indicates the need to specify the concept of payment and state the DNI number. This way they make sure to cancel the payday loan correctly.

Cash deposit: can be made at an ATM or at the banks of the banks indicated on the invoice of the client’s personal area.

Can I extend the return period?

Can I extend the return period?

The payday loan can be deferred for 7, 14, 21 and 28 days; before it is necessary to pay the amount corresponding to the commission expenses for the new selected period normally these are similar to the value of the added interest at the time of your request. It is possible that a penalty will be applied, that is, another additional payment depending on the delay. The payday loan can be returned at any time without additional costs or fees.

What to do if the payday loan can not be paid on the established date?john

In case of non-payment payday loan providers will apply a penalty of 2% per day on the total amount not returned with the maximum limit of 200% on the principal. If after 3 calendar days of the date of repayment of the payday loan or the facilitated extension had not made the return, the entity may apply a penalty of € 30, in addition to reporting in the asset solvency files about the debt, ie the inclusion to a delinquency register.

Before it is better to contact the entity and reach an agreement with it. These types of institutions are flexible and offer the opportunity to dialogue with the client, but the best thing is not to reach this situation, so it is very important to assess the indebtedness capacity in depth before making the request.

Everything you need to know about payday loans


For example, for large expenses such as renovations or car purchases, the most usual is to request a classic loan from a financial institution. However, when we need a smaller amount of money urgently, there is nothing more effective than payday loan.

Today we come to talk about , an entity with great renown in the Internet world, which has become quite famous in recent years for offering a perfect commuter card to travel.

But today we do not come to talk about his most famous product, but his quick payday loan , a financial product that enjoys attractive advantages.


What are the payday loan?

ayday loan are loans of small amounts whose purpose is to satisfy a need for liquidity quickly. It is usually the best option in cases of urgency since the paperwork is usually minimal, and the transfer of money is extremely fast and efficient.


What are the conditions for payday loan?

In spite of how attractive it may seem to request a loan and have it available in our account in a few minutes, imposes several conditions and restrictions on its payday loan:

  • Credit limit : for a first loan, establishes a minimum of € 50 and a maximum of € 300 . When you have successfully repaid one of these loans, the maximum amount will increase to € 700.
  • Term of return : when requesting one of these payday loan, will ask you to establish a period to amortize the loan according to your needs. This can range between 5 days and 45 days.
  • The minimum age: to be approved for one of these small quick loans, requires that you have between 25 and 70 years . In addition, your Spanish DNI must be valid and you can not be registered in files of defaulters.

How many interests should I pay for a payday loan?

How many interests should I pay for a Microloan from ?

Like any entity of this type, bank charges certain interests and commissions to its clients that will be adjusted according to the conditions of the loan itself.

For example, in the case of requesting € 200 and returning them in 30 days, the interest would be € 67.57, with which we would have to return a total of € 267.57.

The cost of the loan is calculated from the APR , and takes into account the amount of money requested and the repayment period in which we will repay our debt.


What are the advantages of bank’s payday loan?

Although the interests of these quick loans tend to be higher than those of traditional loans, it is undeniable that they have some very interesting advantages:

  • Speed : if we need money urgently, a payday loan from bank may be the best solution. In just a few minutes we will have completed all the necessary data and we can request our credit. In addition, your system will notify us practically instantly if you have granted us the loan.
  • No paperwork : no one likes to fill out paperwork, which is why has worked hard to design a sophisticated system that lightens all processes and procedures of payday loan.
  • Flexible : with you choose the return period and the amount you want to request.

Payday loans worth 1000 euros


Advantages of loans

Loan can be requested from anywhere, are requested and processed online, so you do not need to leave home or move to one of their offices to get one. Among the different loan offered, you can obtain from € 200 to € 60,000, of course the higher amounts require more solvency and explanations.

Online processing does not require paperwork, so you can execute the application from home, once received the customer can make use of the money through the credit card. You have a customer support service through which you can get in touch with a manager.

How to apply for a 1000 euros loan?

How to apply for a 1000 euros loan?

The loan are requested through the Internet making the process faster and easier.

Once the user is on his website, he must register as a customer or access his open .Now line if he is already a registered customer, the credit is chosen, in this case the € 1000 loan (the express loan is very similar, but in this you can get up to € 5000) and select the amount that is needed and the return time.

Then the entity through the online calculator will give the real cost of the loan, the total amount that the client must return for the service provided. It is requested and automatically the user goes to fill out a form with their personal and banking information.

When the credit is accepted, the client will be notified by email if their request has been approved or not, and in how much time they will receive the money in their account if they have obtained the loan.

Basic requirements for the loan

Basic requirements for the loan

For all loan with this institution there are general requirements that the client must meet:

  • Have an age between 18 and 65 years
  • Have a DNI in force
  • Owning an account
  • Own a personal telephone
  • Not be included in the file of Asnef’s defaulters

Loan repayment, how do I do it?

With this entity there are two methods to return a loan:
Domiciliation of payments: it is the simplest, the monthly installment fees are charged to the bank account. You just have to worry that she has money to make the payment automatically.

Transfer: through periodic transfers to the entity you can make the repayment of the loan, some customers prefer it in this way.

Extensions and postponements

Once the agreed term has expired, the client can not pay the loan or loan, it is best to contact the entity immediately. They will inform about the procedure depending on the credit, some institutions have a system that provides a year of grace. This is not the case in all the loan, the most common are monthly extensions that the client obtains paying only the interest.

This entity requires that the user requesting your services becomes a customer of the same, if you are thinking about changing banks could be the reason for your final choice. It is not the only financial institution with whom you can get € 1000 you can take a look at the credit simulator .

Online payday loans – how much amount you can get

As a result of the economic recession that took place a few years ago, many users found themselves with the door closed for traditional banks to grant them liquidity due to the fact that they had a previous outstanding debt and still not satisfied.

Currently, there are many private credit institutions that allow us to enjoy urgent money despite the fact that the name of a client appears on lists as payday loan.

Conditions required to get loans online payday loan

The general requirements required for an application for this type of loan are the following:

– Residence in Spain . A photocopy of a National Identity Document, NIE or passport must be presented to prove this fact. The main reason is that companies that work with this type of instruments develop their activities subject to Spanish national regulation, according to the conditions of the Spanish market.

– Be of legal age . As an inescapable requirement, the applicant is required to be over 18 years of age to apply for an online loan payday loan. Some lenders may require an age bonus, such as 23 or 25 years, although this is not usually the case.

– Bank account in Spain . The client must justify that he is the holder of a Spanish bank account. In the aforementioned account, the amount lent will be entered once the corresponding request has been approved.

– Proof of income . The most usual way to justify the repayment of the loan will be the payroll. However, many companies admit other rewards, such as a pension. To apply for a loan while at payday loan without having to submit a payroll is no longer a fiction.

However, it will be necessary for the client to justify that he has regular and permanent income over time, that such income is sufficient to cover the payment of ordinary expenses along with the monthly repayment installments without reaching the over-indebtedness and, last, that these ends be certified by means of a document that guarantees the lender that it will be able to be reimbursed.

After fulfilling these requirements, the next step would be for the lender to examine our financial profile and let us know if it finally grants us the loan of the amount requested.

How much can we get with online loans payday loan?

How much can we get with online loans payday loan?

There are two types of fundamental loans in this category: the so-called mini online loans for customers that are in payday loan and those in which you access to finance a greater amount. Within the first category would be included those loans whose amount is usually up to a maximum of € 1,000, in which the repayment periods range around one month.

In the event that the amount needed by the client is greater than that offered by the mini loans, the possible financing amounts to € 5,000 with a longer repayment term (from three months to three years).

Both types of financial instruments allow us to obtain the borrowed money in a matter of minutes . However, the price of one or the other differs. Small loans tend to have a price that fluctuates around 1.1% per day, compared to 6% per month for loans with a larger amount.

And if we need even more? We can obtain more liquidity with the so-called mortgage loans . For its formalization, the borrower is required to have a property that serves as a return guarantee. In the latter loans, opening commissions are usually required and their price is between 10% and 15% APR. The deadlines set for their return can reach 20 years.

What should I keep in mind if I want to apply for an online loan payday loan in a secure way?

What should I keep in mind if I want to apply for an online loan payday loan in a secure way?

Despite the reliability of most private entities that lend money to consumers in payday loan, we should not forget that some companies can provide their services in a not so legitimate way.

Even if we go to the loan to settle the debt, the lender will not eliminate our data from the file , but the creditor of the debt will erase the same once the payment has been made.

Another important piece of information to know is related to interest and opening fees in this type of case. We must be wary of the fact that they ask us for money ahead of time. It is true that the opening fees must be paid at the beginning, but after receiving the financing. As regards the interest on these loans, it is normal that they are paid together with the corresponding installments or at the end of the term in its entirety.

A useful tool to make sure of how a company really works in this sector is the loan comparison , which will offer us useful information contrasted by other users.

Quick payday loan – requirements and how to apply


Regarding the amount, the applicant can request up to 300 euros for the first time, and then up to 700 euros, depending on his client rating, that is, depending on how he has behaved with the previous payday loans (if he has responded to the installments, has paid at the agreed time, etc).

This type of fast payday loans have been designed only for occasional use. It is not convenient to use them to pay another payday loan, since they are small amounts of money that must be returned in a short period of time.

What requirements must you meet to apply for a payday loan ?

One of the most striking features of this type of payday loan is that the requirements to apply are rather few . Anyone with an urgent need for money can meet the conditions for their application to be approved.
The conditions to access the payday loans are the following:

  • The user must reside in Spain
  • Must be over 18 years of age
  • Must be in possession of a bank account in your name
  • Must have a contact phone

If you meet these requirements, it means that you can apply for a payday loan , although, obviously, this does not guarantee your approval. From providers, they evaluate all applications carefully and individually.

In this way, it is possible to review the economic characteristics of each person to grant the payday loan to those who are considered to have the ability to return it.

How do I apply for a payday loan ?

How do I apply for a payday loan ?

In a very simple way. To apply for a quick payday loan , the customer should only choose the amount he needs and for how long he needs it . In this way, providers will be able to evaluate the options to offer the client the total cost of his payday loan before starting the application and avoid surprises in the future.

How much does it cost to ask for a payday loan ?

It should be explained that quick payday loans are not designed as long- term payday loans , so it is true that they are not always the cheapest option. However, they save a lot of time and money.

Even so, it is good to think about the particular economic needs before committing to request a quick payday loan. In any case, whenever the user has doubts about it or is not sure of the conditions, he can contact the entity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What information must be provided when requesting a quick payday loan ?

What information must be provided when requesting a quick payday loan ?

During the providers application process, you will request updated personal information; This includes the applicant’s address and employment status. The information provided will help to make the right decision and will always be stored in your files under strict security measures.

It could be that, in certain cases, providers requests the copy of some additional document in order to validate the identity of each user.

How do I apply for the payday loan?

To access the providers payday loans, you only need a PC, a tablet or a smartphone. From any place and at any time, each user will have access to the offer of the payday loans of this entity . Depending on the information you provide, you will get one decision or another.

Once the providers application is made, each case will be studied and it will carry out the necessary controls that will allow it to obtain quick and precise decisions. If the application is approved, the applicant will receive an email in your email stating that the money is on the way.

In general, money may take up to 15 minutes to appear reflected in the user’s account , however, the exact time depends on the bank. The transfer to the account may take a little more time in case some banks, due to their type of operation, can not process quick money transfers or delay in reflecting the payday loan.


This entity offers the client several options to repay his payday loan. The forms of payment to deal with the payday loan are two: debit card or bank transfer. In the case of not being able to return the money on the date marked, the client may request an extension, that is, a change in the due date, provided that it is requested before the payday loan expiration date.

In the case of paying on time, the payday loan the customer rating will add points which will result in advantages in the future, such as increasing the amount borrowed.

Unemployment situations that allow applying for payday loans



Although we are aware of being more careful with expenses, we try to save as much as possible and plan accurately and sufficiently in advance to take our capital, unfortunately we can not be immune from the last minute emergencies that alter all our programs.

To this terrible and real panorama is added the fact that not having a payroll that ensures a fixed amount of monthly money, is presented as a great obstacle to finding alternate ways of financial aid.

If you do not want to live all this, one way to prevent, cope or solve these situations, is to opt for payday loans for the unemployed and use the money granted with intelligence. In that way you will see that everything will go in order.


Application for payday loans for the unemployed: should I think about it?

Without a doubt, yes. And it is not because it is something negative, rather it is a very assertive financial tool to get immediate money to solve economic problems at a particular level.

It becomes complicated at the moment of accumulating debts and paying them with payday loans for the unemployed, or worse, when we are aware that we will not be able to pay the borrowed amount together with the interest and other expenses corresponding to the credit operation. In these scenarios, the consequences of non-payment could be unfavorable for your situation of unemployed, and may even generate you form part of a delinquency list.


How and where are payday loans for the unemployed paid?

How and where are payday loans for the unemployed paid?

To many it seems an obvious question, perhaps because they already have experience with payday loans for the unemployed. But for others it is something they do not know, although the financing entity that grants them the loan will indicate them.

So you do not have to wait for a borrower company to tell you, you’ll know it right away.

The form that the financing agencies use to make their debtors pay is very easy, because it is online. This means that you will not have to leave your house and go to a physical establishment, make a queue, pay, and everything that comes with the bureaucracy of bank loans. That is, you can make the payment by electronic transfer from the comfort of a mobile device or computer with an Internet connection.


To be unemployed is to be unemployed? Different situations of unemployment

It is common to associate being unemployed with being unemployed, and this is not the case. Not having a job does not mean not receiving any kind of income, and today you will know why.

Unemployed people who are unemployed
There are people without employment who can have an unemployment benefit. This is what is known as unemployment. Receiving such a benefit has a great advantage, and is that it helps when requesting payday loans for the unemployed. It is something that the financial entities take into account to approve them. It is even common for people without work to use this right of subsidy in order to continue their training or to aspire to a better job than the previous one.

Unemployed people receiving another type of subsidy
Unemployment is not the only subsidy for existing unemployment, because there is also the retirement or disability subsidy. Either of the two subsidies will serve to show the financing entity that, despite being unemployed, you receive an income on a frequent basis, which credits you with solvency.

Unemployed persons by seasons
These are people who do not work every month, but rather by seasons. In general, they exercise a profession or trade related to seasonality with periods of economic liquidity. This type also includes unemployed people who live on savings.

Faced with this scenario, it seems difficult for a financing entity to approve loans. If this is your case, it is enough for you to prove that last regularity regarding income. That way they are very likely to approve your payday loan applications for the unemployed.

Another type of unemployed, although it is not quite so, corresponds to the person who wants to start, that has an idea or project and does not have the money to externalize it, therefore, requires extra funding to complement their initial accounts, because it is very common that certain unforeseen events happen, something that was not among the plans.

Whatever your situation, choose the best payday loans for the unemployed and wisely distribute the money granted to your most important needs.