Payday loans worth 1000 euros


Advantages of loans

Loan can be requested from anywhere, are requested and processed online, so you do not need to leave home or move to one of their offices to get one. Among the different loan offered, you can obtain from € 200 to € 60,000, of course the higher amounts require more solvency and explanations.

Online processing does not require paperwork, so you can execute the application from home, once received the customer can make use of the money through the credit card. You have a customer support service through which you can get in touch with a manager.

How to apply for a 1000 euros loan?

How to apply for a 1000 euros loan?

The loan are requested through the Internet making the process faster and easier.

Once the user is on his website, he must register as a customer or access his open .Now line if he is already a registered customer, the credit is chosen, in this case the € 1000 loan (the express loan is very similar, but in this you can get up to € 5000) and select the amount that is needed and the return time.

Then the entity through the online calculator will give the real cost of the loan, the total amount that the client must return for the service provided. It is requested and automatically the user goes to fill out a form with their personal and banking information.

When the credit is accepted, the client will be notified by email if their request has been approved or not, and in how much time they will receive the money in their account if they have obtained the loan.

Basic requirements for the loan

Basic requirements for the loan

For all loan with this institution there are general requirements that the client must meet:

  • Have an age between 18 and 65 years
  • Have a DNI in force
  • Owning an account
  • Own a personal telephone
  • Not be included in the file of Asnef’s defaulters

Loan repayment, how do I do it?

With this entity there are two methods to return a loan:
Domiciliation of payments: it is the simplest, the monthly installment fees are charged to the bank account. You just have to worry that she has money to make the payment automatically.

Transfer: through periodic transfers to the entity you can make the repayment of the loan, some customers prefer it in this way.

Extensions and postponements

Once the agreed term has expired, the client can not pay the loan or loan, it is best to contact the entity immediately. They will inform about the procedure depending on the credit, some institutions have a system that provides a year of grace. This is not the case in all the loan, the most common are monthly extensions that the client obtains paying only the interest.

This entity requires that the user requesting your services becomes a customer of the same, if you are thinking about changing banks could be the reason for your final choice. It is not the only financial institution with whom you can get € 1000 you can take a look at the credit simulator .

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