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Mission Overseas 'PRAYERLINE'

Wednesday, 26th August 2015


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A number of our overseas mission personnel have recently returned overseas, or will be travelling over the next couple of weeks

Johnny Dowds with Cody and Suni, from Malawi to Ireland

Peter and Valerie Lockwood with Conor, Joel and Erin, from Ireland to Nepal

Gary and Mary Reid with Jonathan, Ruth and Samuel, from Ireland to Kenya

Angelina Cowan with Caragh, Jason and Annissa, from Ireland to Kenya

Alan Johnston with his son Connor, from Ireland to Italy

Matt Williams, from Malawi to the UK

Ben Kennedy, from Malawi to the UK

  • Pray that each of them will have a safe and trouble-free journey and will settle back well. 

  • Pray for all the families are who have children starting or returning to school / boarding school, or starting college / university in the UK. 

  • Pray especially for those families are split in different countries at present.  


Csaba and Ilona Veres are thankful that all the camps and summer programmes they were involved with, went well. 

  • Give thanks for the summer camps and programmes, and for the teams who helped out with the work.

  • Pray that the children and teenagers who were involved, will continue to be challenged to live their lives for Christ.

  • Pray that the Veres family will enjoy a restful and safe holiday after a busy summer. 


The war in Syria continues daily, with parts of the country controlled by ISIS. 

  • Pray that the Lord will intervene in this troubled part of the world.  Pray that peace will be restored, that ISIS will be defeated, and that all the people of this region may be able to live in a fair and just society, with religious freedom.

  • Pray for the people of the Middle East who are suffering due to conflict and living in fear.

  • Pray particularly for God’s mercy and compassion on the minority Christian community.

  • Remember our partner in the region, the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon (NESSL).  Pray that their leaders and members will remain close to the Lord, and that they be able to share their faith with others.


The President of South Sudan is expected to sign the peace deal today, which was signed by rebel leader Riek Machar on 17th August, aimed at bringing an end to the conflict, which has been ongoing since December 2013.  After consultations, the Foreign Secretary announced yesterday that the President would sign the agreement with an annexed list of reservations.   

  • Pray that the President will sign the peace deal today, that all violence will stop immediately, and that all issues outstanding will be agreed upon peacefully and fairly. 

  • Pray for the people of South Sudan, particularly for those still living in fear of violence, those who have been displaced, and those who are grieving or traumatised due to the violence. 


Stephen Cowan writes, “Despite the peace football competition going on at the same time, we managed to increase the number of Tuum participants attending the youth camps.  The team was excellent and the evening speaker spoke positively of Jesus Christ being the ‘Life Changer’.  Over 20 young people surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ.”

  • Praise God for a great ten days, lifting high the name of Jesus amongst the youth of Samburu North.

  • Give thanks for the evening speaker who spoke so effectively from experience.

  • Give thanks too for safety in transporting everyone home to the villages.

  • Give thanks for progress with flooring at Seren.  The facility is due to be ready for next term.

  • Continue to pray for the PCEA Tuum Girls’ Secondary School bus which is due to be delivered soon. 


This Saturday (29th), many Kenyans in the UK are expected to attend an event called ‘Kenyans in the Park’ in East London.  The event is organised to enable Kenyans to celebrate their culture and heritage.  Rev Kibathi will open the event with prayer. 

  • Pray that the event will go well and for safe travel for all attending. 

  • Remember too all those in the congregation who are returning to the UK over the next week. 


Over the past few weeks, Scripture Union Malawi (SUM) has held various camps for children.

  • Give thanks for each child who attended.

  • Pray that each child will have been challenged by what they heard at the camps, and that they will commit their lives to Christ and serve Him. 

  • Pray for David and Pamela McCullagh as they continue to serve with SUM.


On Saturday (29 August) Scripture Union of Malawi will be holding a National Executive Committee meeting to finalise plans for the AGM and sign-off on accounts.  This is an important meeting as the committee set the agenda for the meeting and focus on ministry activity and opportunity for the year ahead.  

  • Pray for the committee as they meet and make final preparations for the AGM.

  • Pray for members as they travel from various parts of the country to Lilongwe.

  • Pray for the AGM in September, that it will be a time of reflection and focus on where God is placing SUM in His work.


John Justin sends the following prayer requests from Bandawe:

  • Pray for continued safety in travel as John and others leaders travel with the children to visit prayer houses.

  • Praise God for more new children coming to Bible Club, Girls’ Brigade and Boys’ Brigade. 

  • Pray for youth leaders in prayer houses as they introduce new activities for their children.

  • Pray for many children who are thinking about how they are living each day serving Jesus.

ASIANS in the UK

Christopher and Nivedita Benjamin send the following prayer points from London:

  • Praise the Lord for every opportunity they have to reach out to their fellow Gujaratis with the gospel. 

  • Pray for the Benjamins as they seek to give pastoral support to people who are ill or going through difficult times. 


After a number of years with an interim constitution, Nepal is edging towards finalising a new permanent constitution, and tensions are rising.  Various political groupings are calling people onto the streets to protest / strike, severely limiting travel and business.  There are two very contentious issues.  The first is how many federal states Nepal will be divided into and where the boundaries will be.  The second is whether Nepal will revert to a Hindu state or remain a secular state with religious freedom.

The second of these issues is especially important for the fast-growing Christian church, and indeed all religious minorities.  Christians in Nepal often already pay a high price in terms of rejection by family and friends when they become Christians, and experienced persecution and even imprisonment in the recent past.

  • Pray for Nepal at this crucial political and spiritual time of finalising the new constitution. 

  • Pray for Christians during this time of uncertainty.  


In a population exceeding 1.4 billion, Chinese Christians number around 150 million.  Despite on-going persecution, many people are coming to faith and there is a real hunger for God, particularly among students. PCI’s links are with the Amity Foundation, which promotes health, education and welfare in China.

  • Pray that the church would continue to grow; and remember those who are being persecuted for their faith.

  • Pray also for the work and witness of the Amity Foundation.

  • Pray too for the people of China facing economic uncertainty following the stock market collapse.


John Hamilton writes, “This week, along with approximately 70 other mission agencies, Wycliffe is at Bangor Worldwide.  How do we make an impression amongst so many?  This year we set up a table and chair, set with knife and fork and mug – and a Wycliffe menu.  You may find a blog on this subject soon on the PCI Mission Overseas website, but if you are attending Bangor Worldwide, visit the Wycliffe stand, read the menu and make your choice.”

  • Pray that this idea will catch the attention of people to pray, to give and to go in support of 180 million people speaking at least 1,860 languages with no access to a Bible they can understand.

John will be part of the multi-agency team leading the Kairos World Mission Course for new students at Belfast Bible College, from 14th to18th September.

  • Pray for staff and students, and that God will broaden mission awareness and speak to all about our role in His mission.

The latest edition of Wycliffe News will be published in early September.  If you want to get it regularly, e-mail us at Wycliffe encourages people to use it to pray for all their members from Ireland, both north and south in their varying roles.


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