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Mission Overseas 'PRAYERLINE'

Wednesday, 22nd October 2014


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James and Heather Cochrane work on a church planting project in the Porto region, in conjunction with the Christian Presbyterian Church of Portugal (ICPP). 

  • Give thanks for contacts made over the past year. 

  • Pray that friendships would continue to develop and there would be opportunities for sharing the Gospel.

  • Pray for Portuguese co-workers to join them in their ministry. 


The Moderator’s South Sudan Famine Appeal launched in August is ongoing.  Donations from congregations and individuals received so far amount to over 150,000, with donations continuing to be received. 

Our partner church, the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan (PCOS) has recently sent in a report on how they have been helping thousands of people with food aid, especially those who have fled their homes due to the ongoing violence in the country.  Relief supplies purchased for those in need include sorghum, maize, beans, seeds, lentils, as well water containers, cooking utensils and fishing nets. 

They write, “Thanks be to Almighty God for His gracious care and provision of resources and to our generous partner [the] Presbyterian Church in Ireland (PCI) who have worked tirelessly and prayed over the years to support people of Sudan/SouthSudan.”

  • Give thanks for the generous support of many people throughout PCI for the Appeal. 

  • Pray for an immediate ceasefire and lasting peace in South Sudan.

  • Pray for the people of South Sudan, particularly for all those who are living in daily fear of meeting with violence, having their homes destroyed or suffering death; and for those who are injured, displaced or grieving. 

  • Pray for all in need of food aid, water and medical treatment.  Pray that each person will get the humanitarian assistance they need in time. 

  • Pray for all working to bring relief aid to those most in need, that their efforts will succeed despite the very complex situation on the ground and the significant ‘logistical’ challenges they face. 

  •  Pray for the leaders and members of the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan.  Pray that they will find strength in the Lord at this time of catastrophe.  Remember especially the Moderator, Rev Peter Gai Lual and General Secretary Rev John Yor Nyiker, as they seek to provide wise and courageous leadership.

See News item ‘Violence Continuing Despite Famine and Peace Talks’ –


Stephen Cowan writes,“We give thanks for a sustained period without cattle raiding, although the danger still lurks.  The area is very dry and therefore pressure for grazing among many pastoralist groups is high.  People need to remain alert andcommitted to the reality of over grazing, and to the limited amount of water.  Form four school exams are taking place throughout Kenya at present and we are assisting with transport for the exams in the Tuum area for the duration of the 18-dayexam period.”

  • Give thanks that no cattle raids have taken place recently around Tuum and pray for better relations between the different communities. 

  • Pray for the monthly teaching time which will be held next week in Tuum. 

  • Give thanks for good progress on the construction of a girls’ dormitory at Seren.  Pray too for those village meetings around Seren, that people will maintain interest in the Word of God which is new to them. 

  • Pray that those who attended a special youth meeting yesterday will be challenged.

  • Continue to pray for plans for the December youth camp, especially that a team to lead the camps would come together.


Gary and Mary Reid write, “A little boy of two years was brought to PCEA Acacia Grove Mission by his parents, as they were seeking help for their son to undergo operation(s) to remove fluid from his brain and spine.  He has already had some fluid removed in a previous operation.  The Mission will be assisting the family with the costs of the operation(s) and the parents were told that it is Jesus who is helping them, and that we are only the vessels He is using.”

  • Pray that our Lord will be glorified and honoured in the hearts of this family.  Pray for the boy as he undergoes the operation(s) and for safety for the family as they travel to and from the hospital.

  • Three members of Narok PCEA church visited Isintin PCEA church on Sunday.  Give thanks that there is a desire to have a greater input into the mission outreach that is happening within Olkinyei.

  • Give thanks too for the rain that has started to fall within Olkinyei recently.  Pray for the safety of all those who are travelling on the difficult, and sometimes treacherous, roads within Olkinyei, which are made much worse by the rain. 


Volker Glissmann arrived safely in Belfast last weekend for a short Home Assignment during which he will undertake speaking engagements in a number of churches.  JinHyeog and their children are remaining in Malawi. 

  • Give thanks for his safe arrival and remember him as he undertakes deputation. 

  • Remember JinHyeog and the children while Volker is away.


In his October Bulletin, Matt Williams sends the following prayer requests:-

  • Thank God that Ekwendeni Campus opened on time this semester and that the teaching has got well underway, with the first year students showing great enthusiasm.

  • Pray for special grace in improving things, so that students are built up in practical ability and academic understanding, as well as being provided for financially.


With Christians accounting for only 2.3% of India’s 1.2 billion people, the Church of North India (CNI) faces many challenges in being an effective witness in a predominantly Hindu culture. 

  • Pray that CNI will be courageous and faithful in its witness, service and preaching of the Gospel; and particularly in speaking up for the marginalised and oppressed.

  • Pray for CNI as it seeks to raise greater awareness of, and take steps to prevent, the illegal trafficking of women.

  • Pray for the newly elected leadership of the CNI: the Moderator - Most Rev P K Samantaroy; Deputy Moderator - Rt Rev Dr P C Singh; General Secretary – Mr Alwan Masih; and Hon Treasurer - Mr Prem Masih; as well as the members of its Executive Committee, Boards, Trusts and Standing Committees. 

  • Pray too for all those involved in ministry and mission within the CNI.

Christopher and Nivedita Benjamin are due to arrive in India today (22nd) for a seven-week home assignment in Gujarat.

  • Pray that their home assignment will be a fruitful time as they share with churches in Gujarat about their ministry in London. 


Yesterday evening (Tuesday, 21st) the Board of Mission Overseas (BMO) held its annual Celebration of Global Mission event in Assembly Buildings Belfast. Speakers included: Volker Glissmann (Malawi); Derek Roulston (Kenya): and Brenda Kerr (Ukraine). 

At the Celebration, two new BMO publications were launched:-

God’s Mission – Our Mission?  - This is a new six-part Bible Study resource, together with leader’s guide that allows individuals and congregations to explore what the Bible says about Mission and God’s heart for the nations.  This would be a timely resource for those looking to start a new Bible Study series in the New Year, in a home group, midweek or personally. 

Twinning Guidelines - Congregational twinning is an intentional, partnering relationship with a congregation from another culture or geographical region.  This new leaflet provides guidelines for congregations who wish to twin with another congregation either overseas or in Ireland. 

Both of the above resources are available from the Mission Overseas Office and will also soon be available online from

  • Give thanks for the Celebration event and for all who attended and took part.   

  • Give thanks too for those involved in writing and producing the new publications, and pray that they will be widely used throughout PCI in the months and years ahead. 

For more information on the Celebration go to:

Bible Societies in Ireland

Despite rumours circulating on social media, the work of Bible printing and distribution in India is continuing without any restrictions. “We’re continuing to print Bibles and other Scriptures exactly as we always do,” says Dr Mani Chacko, General Secretary of the Bible Society of India.  He says that he has received no instructions from the government to stop printing Bibles.  The Bible Society there produces around 3,500 different types of Scripture, in many languages and formats.  In countries with diverse religions, it is easily possible to create uncertainty.

  • Pray that the Bible Society’s staff will grow in faith and confidence as they minister to over a billion people.

  • Pray that their many Bible translation projects will soon be completed and bring God’s Word to new languages for the first time.

  • Pray that all of the 78,000 needed next year to support the distribution of Children’s Bibles (and shoes) to the children in some orphanages around the country will be found; (this project is currently being supported as part of PCI’s Youth and Sunday School Project for 2014/15).  Ask that our young people would be sensitive to the very different needs of their peers in India.


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