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Mission Overseas 'PRAYERLINE'

Wednesday, 29th October 2014


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Steve Anderson reports from Torre del Mar that he, along with three others, attended the first Presbytery Mission day, which was an opportunity for the congregation to contribute at Presbytery level and for representatives to think about mission in the incoming year.   The challenge is now to develop the conversations from this event into a sustainable proposal and present it to the Church Board and then to the congregation. 

  • Pray for a greater sense of mission to develop within the congregation.

  • Pray for preparation for the Sunday services and Wednesday Bible studies which continue weekly.

  • Pray for three people whom Steve is in contact with.  Pray that these contacts will develop and opportunities open up for sharing the good news about Jesus.

  • Pray for the establishment and development of further 1-1 contacts inside and outside the local community.


Sadly Alan Johnston’s mother passed away last Saturday (25th) and a thanksgiving service was held yesterday (28th).  Alan, Tracey and Connor travelled to Ireland at the weekend and are due to return to Italy this weekend.

  • Remember Alan, Tracey their children and all the family circle at this time of loss.

  • Pray that Alan, Tracey and Connor will have a safe trip back to Mantova this weekend. 


This Friday (31st), a delegation from the Presbyterian Church in Ireland comprising of the Moderator, Rt Rev Dr Michael Barry, his wife Esther and their daughter Deborah, along with PW President Anna Morrison, and Charlotte Stevenson (PW Communications and Development Officer) leave to visit our partner church, the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) in Kenya.  During their visit they will spend time with PCI overseas mission personnel serving in Kenya, as well as connecting with the PCEA Women’s Guild and visiting partner church projects.

  • Pray that the group will have a safe and trouble-free trip, especially that they will each remain in good health and that travel (including internal travel) will go smoothly.

  • Pray that the visit will be an encouragement to all they meet and that through the visit our partnership with the PCEA and support of PCI personnel serving there will be strengthened. 


Stephen Cowan reports, “The October Bible teaching time continues and many people have gathered to encourage each other, and learn that some cultural practices are not in line with the Word of God.  Paul & Elizabeth Davis and Keith McCrossanfrom Magheramason Presbyterian Church are due to arrive in Tuum this week to help out with the work for three weeks.  The Davis’ will be based in the village of Wuaso Rongai and Keith will assist at Tuum and in the village of Seren  Also this week abrick builder will go to Seren to assist in putting up the walls of the new girls’ dormitory being built there.”

  • Pray for the monthly teaching times that bring encouragement, especially to the few believers who live in isolated villages. 

  • Pray for the logistics and safety in travel as visitors and workers are moved around in the coming weeks.

  • Give thanks for a positive change in attitude in some of the workers in the garage, and pray that they will respond to the Gospel.

  • Continue to pray for the ministry in schools that Kasoni is involved in. It is becoming increasingly obvious to Kasoni that culture is still very strong, and belief in the Bible takes second place.


Today, (Wednesday 29th) Neil Kennedy is working with Tandu Zimba and other members of the One-Stop team to provide training on dealing with child sexual abuse to 60 policemen from stations all over the Blantyre area.  Neil is due to travel to Ireland at the end of this week for a short home assignment undertaking deputation from Sunday 2nd November to Sunday 16th November (inclusive).  Sara and their teenage children will remain in Malawi. 

  • Give thanks for the donations that have made this training possible, and pray that it will be effective.

  • Pray for Neil to have a safe and trouble-free journey to Belfast.

  • Pray too for Neil while he is in Ireland for deputation.  Pray that he will make the most of his opportunities to talk about the Lord’s work in Malawi. 

  • Pray also for Sara, Ben and Grace at home in Malawi. 


Earlier this month, Volker Glissmann attended the fourth All African Theological Education by Extension Association (AATEEA) meeting in Ethiopia (11th to 17th October).  The meeting went very well and it was a good opportunity for participants to jointly reflect on some of the challenges ahead and how TEE programmes across Africa can join forces to address some of the pressing issues that affect the church in Africa.

Theological Education by Extension in Malawi (TEEM), is currently working on an internal training programme to expand the knowledge and depth within the organisation in all things related to TEE.  For Volker, it was very good and helpful to have had the chance to talk to some people at the conference who have been involved in TEE for many years, to clarify the direction and topics that TEEMs’ internal training programme should address. 

Volker is currently on a short home assignment in Ireland engaging in deputation, and is due return to Malawi next Wednesday (5th November).

  • Praise the Lord for the fruitful meeting of the AATEEA and for the cooperation that is developing.

  • Pray for JinHyeog and the children while Volker is away.

  • Pray too that Volker will have a safe and trouble-free journey back to Zomba next week. 


After almost three months off the road waiting for repairs and parts in South Africa, the Dowds family’s car is now running well.  Johnny and the children have been stuck in South Africa during this time on an ‘extended holiday’, (Lyn travelled by plane back to Malawi in September to continue working at the hospital).  Thankfully they will soon be on their way to Livingstonia.  Lyn’s parents are flying out to meet up with them in Johannesburg and they will all travel to Livingstonia together.

  • Give thanks that the car has eventually been fixed with the correct part arriving from the UK. 

  • Pray that they will have a safe and trouble-free journey to Livingstonia.


David McCullagh reports that Scripture Union (SU) staff throughout Malawi are continuing their day-to-day work in schools and meeting with local congregations.  Quite a number of planning committees will meet throughout November to chat through the decisions that were made at the AGM held earlier this month and their impact on ministry at the grassroots level of the work.  One key area of work that has come out of the AGM is the review of SU Malawi’s daily Bible reading guides for young people.  Recently some funding has come forward for the Kande project, so David and Amon hope to travel to Kande at the start of November to look at the next phases of work that are to be undertaken at the camp and conference centre.

  • Pray for David and Amon as they travel to Kande to monitor the progress of work at the camp site.

  • Pray for SU committee members as they meet to plan future ministry opportunities.

  • Pray for SU staff as they juggle a healthy balance of ministry work in schools and with churches, and the committee work that they also must complete.


William Mateer, FEBA UK & Ireland Ambassador,thanks you for your on-going prayerful support and requests the following:

Africa:  Radio Wimbe in Pemba, Mozambique was burgled last week with a laptop and mobile phone stolen. Pray for Narciso and the team as they work out how to deal with the repercussions of the burglary and how to replace the stolen items.  The lack of the mobile phone is having a particularly big impact on the station, as they can no longer receive calls from listeners, which is the principle way the station interacts with their audience.  Pray that this does not put listeners off listening to Radio Wimbe and that the team can negotiate getting back their old number from the telephone company as soon as possible.

Asia:  Pray for the Christian minority in Pakistan in the wake of the uncertain political situation.  Pray too for all those affected by recent flooding in Punjab and Sindh region.  Pray for the growth of the FM Expansion project; that God will prompt new potential partners to come forward, and give thanks for a recent visit of two of Feba’s head office team, which was encouraging to all involved and helped cement relationships.

Middle East:  Give thanks for 26 new Reality Church programmes recently recorded for broadcast to Yemen asking God to bless the listeners with encouragement and joy as they seek to follow Him in a very difficult place. These programmes bring an expression of ‘church’ to those who are unable to openly meet together for worship.  Ask God to reveal Himself to new and current listeners in a new and mighty way through these programmes.



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