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Mission Overseas 'PRAYERLINE'

Wednesday, 23rd July 2014


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Colin and Marjorie Dickson are coming to the end of their assignment at Torre del Mar Evangelical Church, near Malaga in southern Spain.  Since early February of this year, they have been involved in preaching, teaching and pastoring the congregation, following the retirement of Jacki Harstmith-Foy at the end of December 2013.  Colin and Marjorie are due to return to Ireland this Monday, (28th). 

Steve Anderson, who arrived in the Torre del Mar in early July, was installed as minister of the congregation on Sunday 13th July, and has been busy settling into life and work over the past couple of weeks. 

  • Give thanks for Colin and Marjorie’s faithful service and pray for them as they say their farewells to the congregation and return to Ireland.

  • Give thanks for the reintegration of the congregation into the Presbytery of Andalucía, and pray for its ongoing connectedness, mission and outreach.  

  • Pray for Steve, as he begins his work with the congregation and continues to settle into life in Spain.   

  • Pray for Maria, Ursula and Bernardo. 


Ilona Veres is organising a Bible Club in Merafrom Sunday (27th July) to Friday (1st August), with the help of a team from the Swiss Reformed Church.  The theme for the Bible Club is All Change’ and they will be looking at different characters whose lives were transformed by Jesus. 

  • Pray for the final preparations for the Bible Club Week in Mera.

  • Pray for good attendance by the children and that each of them will be transformed by Jesus.

  • Pray too for strength and energy for Ilona and the team leading the Bible Club. 


Final preparations are also taking place for the National IKE Youth Festival, which is due to start next Saturday, 31st July.  This year the motto for the Festival is ‘Closer to you Lord’ and teaching and workshops will reflect the theme.  Youth groups from all over Transylvania attend this four-day event.

  • Pray for the final preparations for the IKE Festival and that it will run smoothly.

  • Pray for clear teaching at the festival and powerful times of worship and for the young people to sense the power and presence of the Lord and to submit to His purpose for their lives.


Over the past week, news headlines have been dominated by the MH17 plane disaster last Thursday (17th), and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. 

  • Pray for all those all who have lost loves ones in the disaster and for diplomatic efforts to succeed in bringing a swift, peaceful and just end to the crisis in Ukraine.

  • Remember our partner church in the Hungarian Reformed Church in Transcarpathia in the west of Ukraine at this difficult time. 


The conflict in Syria also continues daily bringing suffering and hardship to local people.  Also over the past week the ongoing tensions between Israel and Gaza have intensified and it has been reported that at least 649 Palestinians and 31 Israelis have been killed in the past 15 days of fighting. 

  • Pray for all those suffering as a result of the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East.  Remember especially those who are mourning and those who have fled their homes due to the conflicts. 

  • Pray that sufficient humanitarian assistance and medical help will reach all in need. 

  • Pray for all efforts to bring a ceasefire and a peaceful end to each conflict.  

  • Pray for the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon (NESSL) - our partner church, especially for its leaders and pastors as they seek to provide godly leadership at this time and help those in need.


Stephen Cowan reports that the area around Tuum in northern Kenya is extremely dry at present and as a result some water sources in the area have dried up, though thankfully the village of Tuum has still got a steady supply of water. 

Earlier this week, Tuum had its first ‘Market-day’, and all business was transacted at the market field rather than in the town.  A few people came from other villages.  As several market days are now taking place in the wider area on Mondays and Tuesdays, Stephen and his colleagues may consider changing the Monthly Teaching Seminar plan, which is normally held on a Monday and Tuesday each month.  The July Monthly Teaching Seminar had already been postponed for other reasons, but it if it had gone ahead, it is thought attendance would have been low due to the Market Day.

  • Pray for plans for the youth camps, due to start on 10th August, which are being led by a team from Waringstown Presbyterian Church.

  • Pray for the construction of the girls’ dormitory at Seren, that plans will be in place to make bricks next week, and organise the foundations.

  • Continue to pray for the gospel witness of all that goes on.  Church on Sunday certainly indicated that the girls at PCEA Tuum Girls’ Secondary School are maturing in Christ.


John Hamilton of Wycliffe Bible Translators writes… “Isn’t it good to hear some feedback from the prayers that we have prayed?  This week in Wycliffe Words for Life, there is a whole series on this theme – see what happened next?

People prayed, God responded…Back in January, people prayed for a trauma healing workshop due to be held in the war torn Central African Republic.  It had to be cancelled, but Wycliffe UK member Margaret Hill was able to go and run the workshop for three weeks in May and then later in Uganda and Mali.  (To find out more about trauma healing workshops see

People prayed for the launch of the Oku New Testament in Cameroon last October.  It was a great occasion. 80% of the new Testaments were bought on the day.  The Prime Minister of Cameroon, an Oku speaker, bought 20 copies for family andfriends.

People prayed for the Banyole and Bagwere New Testament translations in Uganda as they neared completion.  Now please pray for the teams as they ‘intensify publicity’: they want to get churches, bishops, pastors, radio programmes and thecommunity on board ready for the completion.

Please use these brief stories to praise God for what he has done, is doing and will do to make his Word available in every heart language.”


A number of teams are overseas over the next week as follows, and we encourage you to pray for them:

HUNGARY – A team of nine people from West Kirk Presbyterian Church, Belfast are due to return home this Friday, 25th having lead a Bible programme and other activities at a campsite near Debrecen in eastern Hungary for 35 children who travelled there from the Rivne region of Ukraine.   

ROMANIA – An all age team of 18 people mainly from Ardstraw Presbyterian Church are in Romania with the Smiles Foundation.  They are due to return to Ireland on 26th July.

UKRAINE – A team of 10 people from Templepatrick Presbyterian Church are due to return to Ireland this Thursday (24th) from Transcarpathia, Ukraine, were they having been helping to run an English camp at Nagybereg School and visiting their partner congregation of Fornos.

Prayer Points for these teams –

  • Good health, safety, strength and energy for all the team members and those they are working with.

  • That the work that each of the teams are in involved in will go well.

  • For the Word of God to be explained clearly and for spiritual fruit in the lives of those the teams are seeking to help, as well as those they are working alongside.           


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Thank you for sharing in the ministry of prayer

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