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Mission Overseas 'PRAYERLINE'

Wednesday, 28th January 2015


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Nearly 5,000 people have been killed and some 1.2 million displaced since fighting broke out in the east of Ukraine in April 2014.  Although, the fighting has been taking place hundreds of miles away from our partner church in Ukraine, the Reformed Church of Sub-Carpathia (RCSC) located in the west of the country, people across Ukraine are suffering from currency depreciation, price rises, shortages of gas, and are living in fear of what is to come.  Partial military mobilisation across the country has also affected Hungarian families, in Transcarpathia, with people being called up to serve in the army.

  • Pray for the fighting to end and for a peaceful and fair resolution to the crisis to come soon.

  • Pray for all in Ukraine suffering as a result of the conflict.

  • Pray especially for the Reformed Church in Transcarpathia, as it seeks to continue its ministry and witness and help those in need.

  • Give thanks for assistance the Church has received includinghundreds of shoeboxes, packages of food and other donations from Hungarian Reformed Church Aid to be distritbuted to those in need of assistance. 

For more information visit -


Sadly, Mary Reid's mother died suddenly last week.  Gary and Mary and their four children travelled to Ireland last weekend to attend the funeral which took place on Monday (26th), and be with their wider family for a short time. 

  • Pray for the Reid family, for Mary’s father Mr Jim Smyth, her brother and the family circle at this difficult time.

  • Pray that Gary, Mary and the children will have a safe return journey to Kenya. 


Maud Kells serving as a missionary with WEC International continues to make a steady recovery after being shot and injured during an attack by bandits in the village of Mulita, in DRC in early January.  Maud is now out of hospital and is currently at a Pastor’s conference where she is able to meet up with some people from Mulita.  She is still suffering from pain from the wound and a broken rib. 

Maud, a member of Molesworth Presbyterian Church, Cookstown,has served as a missionary in DRC since 1968 and was awarded the OBE in the New Year Honours list for her services in DRC.  Now aged 75, she spends around half the year serving in the Congo in medical mission and church work, and the other half at home in Cookstown. 

  • Give thanks that Maud is recovering and is out of hospital. 

  • Pray for her continued healing and that her pain will ease. 


Matt Williams serves on the staff at the CCAP University of Livingstonia’s Faculty of Theology in Ekwendeni

  • Pray for wisdom and guidance for Matt in his work at the college and in daily life.

  • Pray for the students at the Faculty of Theology, that they would be well equipped for future ministry and leadership in the Church. 


Following the heavy rain and flooding in Malawi earlier this month which killed at least 170 people and forced around 200,000 people from their homes, hundreds of people are now living in refugee camps.  Parts of the south of the country was worst affected with many homes, crops, livestock, roads and railways destroyed.  The salvage / clean-up operation is continuing and in the worst affected areas there is a shortage of clean water, as sewage has contaminated supplies.  Also there are fears that the destruction of so many crops may lead to food shortages later in the year as so many people in Malawi live around the poverty line, and are dependent on small-scale farming for their food and income. 

  • Pray for all those in Malawi still suffering as a result of heavy rain and floods.

  • Pray that those in need of clean water and humanitarian assistance will receive it. 

  • Pray for the government and our partner church – the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) as they respond to this crisis.

See BBC News Magazine article entitled ‘Still thirsty after Malawi’s flood’-



This year, Presbyterian Global Mission through the Leadership Development Committee is supporting the following ‘Leaders in Training’ from overseas:-

Rev Maqsood Kamil, from the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan, studying for a PhD at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies.

Rev Jorum Mugari, fromCity Presbyterian Church in Bulawayo,Zimbabwe, studying for a PhD at Union Theological College (UTC), Belfast. 

Rev Elyse McCroskery, from the Evangelical Christian Church in Timor, undertaking post-graduate studies in New Testament at UTC.

Rev Eric Muchina Njuru, from the Presbyterian Church of East Africa, Kenya, studying for a PhD at UTC. 

Edit Moldván from the Hungarian Reformed Church in Hungary, undertaking one year of research in Old Testament at UTC.

  • Give thanks we can assist our overseas partners in the development of key leaders.

  • Pray for each student and that their studies will go well.

  • Pray too that their studies will be a benefit and blessing to their churches and countries when they return home.   


The Zambia Synod of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian has a vision is - “to be evangelical, hospitable, strong and self-sustained, united in Christ as one family of the triune God within and beyond the borders of our lands.”

  • Ask God to help our partner to fulfil their vision as a church.

  • Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance for Rev Maleka Kabandama (General Secretary) in all he does, and that the Church in Zambia may be strong in its faith and witness. 


Our partner in Nepal, the United Mission to Nepal (UMN) is looking for a new Executive Director.  The current Executive Director, Mark Galpin plans to be in post until mid-2016, however due to the length of time it takes to recruit for this type of position and to allow for a good handover and transition, the closing date for applications is March 2015

  • Pray for this process; that the Lord will speak to peoples’ hearts, that they will respond, and that the person of God’s choice will be appointed. 

Information on this post, along with other opportunities to serve overseas can be found at


Only a small percentage of the global church’s resources are being directed to outreach amongst the least reached peoples of the world, yet there are thousands of people groups with no church, no known believers, nor any missionary involvement!  The Cape Town ‘Call To Action’ 2010 describes this as ‘a silent Macedonian Call’ and ‘a form of spiritual injustice’ given that 2,000 years after Jesus commanded us to make disciples of all nations, these people groups still know nothing about the Gospel.

  • Give thanks for PCI’s engagement with our partners in the following areas of outreach: mission through education; medical mission; Scripture translation, distribution and literacy work; evangelism and church planting; sustainable development and peace-building.

  • Pray for discernment of God’s way forward in each of its five strategic areas of involvement, so that many people would come to know fullness of life as disciples of Jesus Christ.

  • Pray also for the publicising and promotion of specific outreach initiatives and projects in a manner that encourages the wider PCI family to engage supportively.


William Mateer, FEBA Ireland Ambassador, sends the following prayer requests:-

Africa:  Give thanks for the safe arrival in Sierra Leone of 1,020 radios which will be distributed to families in remote rural areas to educate them about Ebola.  This is the first time Feba have operated in this region.  Ask God for good relationships with our partners and for people’s lives to be improved through quality programmes. Pray for Radio Wimbe in Pemba, Mozambique which is experiencing power cuts at present asking God to encourage the team as they wait for power to be restored which could be a long time.

Asia:  Give thanks for six years’ faithful ministry in remote areas of Nepal.  Thank God for the opportunity to share His love and truth across some of the most difficult terrain in the world, and for the many people who have responded to Feba’s broadcasts whose lives have been changed.  Pray also for Feba’s work in nearby Tibet asking God to open hearts to the truth of the Gospel, thanking him for over 20 years’ faithful service by our team.

Middle East:  Feba’s Internet radio site has been reaching out to many people across Egypt over the past few years.  Thank God for this unique opportunity to build relationships between Christians and Muslims and for the encouragement that people receive, particularly amongst our ministry to women.  Pray for the people of Syria and Iraq as they experience hardships on a daily basis asking God to uplift them through Feba broadcasts.

Finally, William asks for your prayerful support as he seeks new opportunities to serve God as his current role with Feba ends in October.  Pray particularly that God will open the right door at the right time giving thanks for the ‘peace in his heart’ that William is experiencing as he looks to the future. 


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