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Mission Overseas 'PRAYERLINE'

Wednesday, 17th December 2014


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This Advent, PCI congregations are encouraged to support PCI's 2014 World Development Appeal, which this year aims to help restore and rebuild communities in Haiti and Myanmar/Burma.  Funds will be directed through Christian Aid and Tearfund and their partners. 

Materials have been distributed to congregations and a full range of resources to help promote the Appeal including videos and background briefings on Haiti and Myanmar are available online

  • Give thanks for generous giving to the World Development Appeal and pray that this year’s Appeal will also be well-supported. 

  • Pray for PCI’s partners, Christian Aid and Tearfund as they support local development projects amongst the poor and most vulnerable. 


This Sunday, 21st December, there will be a special Christmas service in the Bilbao International Church, at which Derek French will be preaching and Jane French leading the Sunday School. 

Derek and Jane also report that there is still a need for team members to help out with the ongoing GBU student ministry in the north of Spain.  

  • Give thanks to God for the encouraging time Derek had doing deputation in Ireland in November, and give thanks for all the supportive churches that are getting behind GBU’s work in Spain.

  • Pray for the special services in the churches this Sunday (21st).

  • Pray that God would provide team members for the coming year.


Steve Anderson continues to minister in the Torre del Mar congregation in southern Spain which currently meets in a room in a hotel.  The congregation has recently been looking for suitable premises to rent, to use as a base for services and outreach activities.  They have found a suitable property, and over the next three days, they need to make the final decision on whether to rent it for three years.  This is a significant step of faith for the congregation with financial implications, but also has mission opportunities.

  • Pray for wisdom, direction and unity as the church council and members discuss the contract and discern the way ahead. 


Csaba and Ilona Veres and family arrived safely in Ireland last weekend.   Csaba and the girls are due to return to Romania at the beginning of January, with Ilona staying on in Ireland for a few weeks to undertake deputation in January. 

  • Give thanks that the Veres family had a safe journey to Ireland. 

  • Pray too for Ilona as she prepares for deputation engagements in January. 


Stephen Cowan writes, “The Junior youth camp was an amazing time as around 300 young people attended from the usual villages.  The teaching was on ‘Growing in Maturity’. Some of the children as young as nineyearsold,face challenges that most people find unbelievable when they hear the stories.  Yet, standing in Jesus is their only hope of change.

Presently the Senior camp is on, with young people from the usual villages joined this time by some from Kurungu and a Turkana village called Nachola.  Attendance of Tuum youth at the camps has improved.  The team from the alumni of EldoretPolytechnic have been sharing their experiences of the Gospel and the challenges they face as followers of Jesus Christ.  Sadly, even as camps continue, some girls who used to attend are planning their circumcisions.”

  • Pray for an understanding of ‘Listening’ as the youth gather together and learn from other Kenyans.

  • Pray for individual conversations taking place, as some who seem mature in Christ, talk about planning their marriage in the normal traditional way.

  • Pray for the last morning of the senior camp, finishing on Thursday 18th December.

  • Pray that all the young people attending the camps will have a safe journey home. 

  • Pray for the team as they travel down country, as some go to graduate and others attend the weddings of Christian friends.

  • Pray that efforts at national government level to challenge female genital mutilation will have a local impact.


In their December Bulletin, Gary and Mary Reid share the following prayer points:-

  • Pray that God’s Holy Spirit will continue to move in the hearts and lives of the Maasai, for His glory.

  • Pray for those in authority who often have very difficult cases to resolve, that God will grant them His wisdom.



Matt Williams sends the following prayer requests:-

  • Pray that the semester ends well for all at the University of Livingstonia; that exams are well administered but that the spiritual life of the community is not neglected.

  • Pray that the church, particularly in Ekwendeni, would be at the forefront of making sure that widows and orphans are well cared for at this challenging time of year.


The attack by the Taliban on the army-run school in the Pakistani city of Pershawr on Tuesday morning (16th) has shocked and appalled people throughout the world.  It also reminds us of the continuing struggle in Pakistan against extremists and of the ongoing fears of Pakistani Christian community. 

  • Pray for all who have lost loved ones, or been injured in the attack. 

  • Pray for courage, strength and safety for all Pakistanis seeking to live in a society where there is complete religious freedom. 

  • Remember especially the minority Christian community at this time. 


The United Mission to Nepal (UMN) reports that Nepali church groups have started singing carols and preparing for Christmas celebrations!  On Christmas day, churches in Nepal have a special service followed by a church feast.  

  • Pray that this would be a blessed time for all the Nepali churches and that the good news of Christ would also reach out to friends of other faith groups.

Winter can be hard for the poorer communities in Nepal.

  • Pray for the poor families, women and children of Nepal living in the colder regions.

  • Pray that there would not be sickness and deaths because of the cold weather. 


The Bible Society in N. Ireland (BSNI) and the National Bible Society in Ireland (NBSI) are grateful for all the prayers that have supported their work in 2014, and send the following prayer requests:-

  • Give thanks for the very special event in Lomé, Toga, West Africa on Sunday 7th December when huge crowds witnessed the dedication of the first ever Mina language Bible.  Pray that it will be a blessing to these people, and that the long awaited Bassar (Ntcham) Bible will soon be printed / available in Togo so that those speakers too can experience the joy of God speaking to them in words that they understand.

  • Give thanks that Rev Edward Kajivora, General Secretary, Bible Society of South Sudan has just reported that, despite the continuing political tension in the country, he is still enabling groups of people to meet around God’s Word and learn what the Bible has to say about past conflict and forgiveness.  Pray that tensions will ease and that the Bible Society’s vital work can continue unhindered.  

  • In the past year it has been estimated that Bible Societies have reached up to 680 million people on social media.  Pray that these messages of encouragement will impact many lives.


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