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Mission Overseas 'PRAYERLINE'

Wednesday, 20th May 2015


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This year, at the PCI General Assembly, there will be a session entitled, ‘Listening to the Global Church’.  This will take place on Tuesday 2nd June from 3.45pm to 5.00pm.  We will hear from partner church representatives amongst others, as they share matters that impact the whole Christian family.  Everyone is encouraged to attend. 

  • Pray for the preparations for the ‘Listening to the Global Church’ session.

  • Pray that it will be a great opportunity to learn and be inspired by Christians who are experiencing persecution, and that leaders and members of our church will be encouraged to stand with them, not least by prayer. 


Alan and Tracey Johnston send the following prayer requests:-

  • Pray for the continued work of the Sunday School as it takes around six hours each week to complete the translation.  Pray also for the sustainability of this project.

  • Pray for plans for the Coram Deo conference at the end of May. 

  • Pray for the food bank the congregation is running as they seek to not only to share food, but to reach out with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Csaba and Ilona Veres share the following prayer requests:-

  • Pray for the ongoing opportunities Ilona and her colleagues have in Mera to share God’s Word with the children and women, and that they will be an encouragement to those who are following Christ.

  • Pray for Csaba, now working for Servant Mission as he engages with the 12 Reformed churches in Cluj.  Pray that many churches will get involved and motivate their young people to serve the King of Kings with their gifts and skills.


Stephen Cowan shares the following prayer points from Tuum:-

  • Give thanks that most people who came to the adult seminars this week chose to do so despite many rumours of attacks.  It was hoped some people would come from Kurungu, but they were too afraid as some people, including children, had been killed on Mt. Kulal the previous week.

  • Give thanks for good rains recently which have made it possible for many animals to return near to their homesteads.  Some food crops planted as demonstration are growing well.

  • Pray for the work going on at Seren/Kaisipu, and the interest people have in sending their girls to the secondary school.

  • Pray for students who the Cowans support at many secondary schools, that they would take the opportunity positively and develop discipline, and make good choices.  

  • Pray for Kasoni as she begins to visit schools again this term.

  • Pray for the outreach taking place this week at Wuaso Rongai. 


In Neil and Sara Kennedy’s May Bulletin, Neil writes about Kondwani Zgambo, a medical student in the College of Medicine, quoted in Jean Gibson’s book ‘Journey of Hope’.  Kondwani was awarded a scholarship from the CCAP Livingstonia Synod as he couldn’t afford the fees and has recently graduated as a doctor. 

  • Give thanks for Kondwani’s success, and for his deep trust in the Lord who has guided him throughout his studies.  Pray for him as he begins his internship. 

  • Pray too for Dr Richard Nhlane – another Livingstonia Synod sponsored student, who has just finished internship and will be posted to a CCAP hospital soon.

  • Pray that as Dean at the College of Medicine, Neil will have the wisdom and perseverance to make the course as good as it can be, producing competent and compassionate doctors.

Matt Williams writes, “As we in the Faculty of Theology come towards the end of the academic year, we must not let the exams squeeze out the world-transforming spiritual meaning of the things that our students are learning.”

  • Thank God that His Word is at work in Matt’s life, and in the life of the Faculty of Theology, and pray for it to grow in power.
  • Pray for the spiritual atmosphere in Ekwendeni as social problems continue to rise despite the strong presence of the Church.

John Justin sends the following prayer requests from Embangweni:-

  • Pray for many of the young people as they bring friends to the church groups, Girls’ Brigade, Boys’ Brigade and Bible Club.

  • Praise God for many boys coming to the Christian organisations in Robert Laws School. 

  • Pray for more leaders to help as the youth work continues to grow.


Many United Mission to Nepal (UMN staff are busy sorting, packing and managing the distribution of relief materials.  

  • Pray for good health, strength, and wisdom as they work hard, travel and take important decisions at this time of crisis. 

  • Continue to pray for all who have been affected by the earthquakes; for those who have lost loved ones, been injured, been traumatised and those who have lost their homes.

  • Pray that all in need of humanitarian aid and medical help will receive it.

Peter Lockwood, UMN Programme Advisor left for North Dhading yesterday to assess shelter issues there.  Many families there have been left living in the open, taking shelter under the trees at night. With no road access, relief work is slowed down and is a challenge in these areas.

  • Pray for the villagers in the North Dhading area, and for the many other people in similar need. 

  • Pray that the frequent rain they have experienced recently would not interfere in the relief work and would not further damage the roads and trigger landslides.

  • Pray especially for Dhana Lama, Clusters' Director, who has been in Dhading since the first earthquake on 25th April.  She has been assessing the needs and closely working with the cluster and partner staff and volunteers to manage the relief work there.

  • Pray for the PCI mission personnel in Nepal, for Stephen and Laura Coulter and Peter Lockwood.  Give thanks that that Valerie Lockwood and her three children arrived safely in Ireland last week.  Pray for Laura travelling back to Ireland this weekend, that she will have a safe and trouble-free journey. 

For information on the PCI Nepal Earthquake Appeal, go to

For related news items, go to

The earthquake comes at a time when the Christian community in Nepal had called for ‘40 days of Global Prayer for Nepal’ from 15th April to 24th May.  Ongoing prayer points for Nepal, (written before the earthquake) to encourage people to take part are available at


Jorum Mugarifrom City Presbyterian Church in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe is in his final year of studies at Union Theological College, Belfast for a PhD in Old Testament Biblical Theology.  His studies are being sponsored by PCI.  Unfortunately Jorum’s visa is due to expire at the end of May and he is having difficulty renewing it. 

  • Pray that Jorum’s visa renewal application would be accepted and that he and his wife and two children can remain in N. Ireland until he completes his studies, which should be early next year. 


William Mateer, FEBA Ireland Ambassador,appreciates your ongoing prayerful support as he has been seeking a new opportunity to serve the Lord and asks for the following:

Africa:  Pray for Feba’s radio programmes across the ‘Horn of Africa’ asking that they might be a real encouragement to those isolated people groups who don’t have a written language.  Thank God for the many who have come to know Jesus through these programmes over the past number of years and that many more would come to know his love and peace as Feba continues to work across many thousands of square miles and different countries in this hard-to-reach region of the world.  Ask God to encourage the team as they respond to listeners and plan new programmes.

Asia: Pray for First Response Radioworking to share information and hope following the tragic Nepal earthquakes.  Pray that the programmes are an encouragement to those who have lost loved ones, homes and businesses.  Give thanks that Radio can be used to support people in crisis and to share life-saving information.  Pray for Vijay and the teams at Afno FM in Okhaldunga (east Nepal) and at Dadeldhura (west Nepal) as they share God’s truth and love in isolated areas and among dispersed people groups.

Middle East: Give thanks for the new studio in Iraq following the move from Feba’s previous premises in the country, asking God to use these new facilities for His glory as Feba’s team shares His love and truth across that troubled region.  Thank God also for the on-going programmes in Yemen asking God to send His love and peace to those who are suffering during the current civil war, famine and political unrest, asking God to reveal Himself to those who are seeking Him in this time of trouble and great need.


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