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Mission Overseas 'PRAYERLINE'

Wednesday, 15th October 2014


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Tuesday, 21st October, (7.30 pm – 9.30 pm) in Assembly Buildings (Church House), Belfast.

The theme for this year’s Board of Mission Overseas Celebration is‘Body and Soul… a people of service and outreach.  Speakers will include: Volker Glissmann (Malawi); Derek & Linda Roulston (Kenya): and Brenda Kerr (‘From Teams to Twinning’ – Ukraine).  There will also be a presentation from the Specialist Service Agencies on Bible Poverty and a Celebration of the two 2014 PCI Ignite Teams. Praise will be led by Graham Hawthorne from Woodlands Presbyterian Church.  The Offering will be for the Library Project, Gujarat United School Theology (GUST) in India.  Everyone is welcome to attend!

  • Pray for the preparations for this event, especially for those who will be speaking on the evening. 

  • Pray too that it will be well-attended.

For more information on the Celebration go to:


Naomi Keefe who is currently on home assignment is recovering from illness and is hoping to return to her work in Brazil in late November, where she is involved in church-based community development and evangelism. 

  • Give thanks that Naomi’s energy levels are beginning to improve and pray that she will continue to recover and be able to return to Brazil next month. 

  • Pray for the children who attend the Good News Club in Camocim, (one of the congregations Naomi works with); that they may learn about how God has wonderfully made them and come to trust Him more.


Edwin and Anne Kibathi report that last week the PCEA congregation had a special focus on health which included a presentation on dementia which was an eye opener to many Christians who were in the service.  Seventeen couples have confirmed they will attend the special ‘Couples’ Outing’ which is taking place this weekend.

  • Thank God for the health Sunday service and pray that the information will go a long way to reach those who could be suffering silently from dementia.

  • Pray for the ‘Couples Outing’ to go well and those who attend will enjoy benefit from time together.


In her October Bulletin, Naomi Leremore writes, “Child-headed families are most common in developing countries and areas of war, where the children’s parents have been killed by conflict or disease such as HIV/AIDS.”

  • Pray for the 1.5 million orphans in Kenya and for all those who are doing what they can to help.

  • Pray for Sarah and Jimnah who run Joy Children’s Home which is an orphanage in Ruiru, which Naomi has been involved with for a number of years. 

  • Pray too for the newly launched TEE course which Naomi was involved in preparing. 


Gary and Mary Reid send the following prayer requests:-

  • Give thanks the God has enabled the Acacia Grove Mission to help so many children, some of whom have fled their homes due to child marriage, abuse or so that they can attend school.  Pray that each one who has suffered will be at peace and come to know the Lord as their Saviour. 

  • Give thanks for the African Child Ministries team who were working at the Mission recently.  


David and Pamela McCullagh and their new baby daughter Beth arrived safely in Malawi last Friday morning with all of their luggage!  They had as smooth a journey as possible with an 11-week old baby and are getting settled back into life in Lilongwe.  Beth is slowly adjusting to the heat and David starts back to work tomorrow (16th). 

  • Give thanks for safety in travel and the arrival of all their luggage.

  • Pray for Beth as she adjusts to the high temperatures and for David and Pamela as they ensure the best care for her in this new climate.

  • Pray for Pam as she continues to get things in the house sorted.

  • Pray too for David as he starts back to work tomorrow.


Scripture Union of Malawi held their Annual General Meeting last weekend. 

  • Give thanks for a great weekend of worship, fellowship and conversation.

  • Pray that the decisions taken will be of blessing to the organisation and for the glory of God as they are worked out in practice.


This week, Volker Glissmann is attending the ‘All African TEE Association’ (AATEEA) meeting in Ethiopia, from 11th to 17th October.  The AATEEA is a continent-wide association of TEE programmes in Africa and exists to foster cooperation.  After the conference, Volker will travel to Belfast for a short Home Assignment (from 18th October to 6th November) during which he will undertake speaking engagements in a number of churches.  JinHyeog and the children are remaining in Malawi. 

  • Pray for a fruitful meeting of the AATEEA.

  • Pray for JinHyeog and the children while Volker is away.

  • Pray too for safe travels for Volker and remember him as he prepares for deputation. 


Rev Kabandama (General Secretary) and Mr Ngulube (General Treasurer) from the Zambia Synod of the Church of Central Arica Presbyterian (CCAP) had a good visit to PCI.  They departed Ireland on Monday (13th) to return to Zambia.

  • Give thanks for their visit to PCI and pray for our continued partnership with CCAP Zambia Synod.

  • Pray too for the ongoing work and witness of CCAP Zambia Synod. 

ASIANS in the UK

Christopher and Nivedita Benjamin are due to go on seven-week home assignment to Gujarat, India next week. 

  • Remember Christopher and Nivedita as they prepare for their time in India and pray that their journety to India will be safe and trouble-free. 

  • Pray that their home assignment will be a fruitful time as they  share with churches in Gujarat about their work in London. 


The Christian Church of Sumba (GKS) has experienced enormous growth since the 1980’s.

  • Pray particularly for its leaders; the Synod; the theological school; the training of pastors; and the development of newly established congregations.

  • Pray for the process of GKS becoming more indigenous and self-sufficient in areas of doctrine, teaching, culture and finance.

  • Pray for opportunities to develop congregation-to-congregation links between GKS and PCI.


The 2014 World Development Appeal : ‘Building Hope’, is being launched today (Wednesday 15th).  This year’s Appeal will highlight the ongoing work of housing and sustainable development being undertaken by our partners in communities recovering from major trauma.  By building resilience and new models of working together, as well as new infrastructure, our Christian Aid and Tearfund partners are helping to create new communities of hope where they are most needed.

The projects being highlighted this year are in Haiti, with a secondary focus on Burma/Myanmar.  In Haiti, we are partnering with MISSEH (Mission Sociale des Églises Haitiennes) and GARR (Groupe d’Appui aux Réfugiés et Rapatriés), who are developing new models for sustainable village communities.  The 2014 Appeal will also support the 7-Up Disability Project of the Leprosy Mission in Burma/Myanmar, where the changed political climate is enabling communities to advocate more effectively for the rights and dignity of people with disabilities.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, congregations are invited to encourage their members to give generously to this year's World Development Appeal: ‘Building Hope’,

Information on the appeal is being distributed to congregations and will also available online soon at

  • Give thanks for the generous support given to the Appeal last year.

  • Pray that this year’s Appeal will also be well-supported, so that more people in need can be helped. 


Tonight (Wednesday 15th) the Wycliffe family in N. Ireland will be gathering at Glenabbey Church for Wycliffe:Live 2014. The theme is ‘Harvest Hands’ taken from The Message version of Matthew 9 v38: “What a huge harvest!” Jesus said to hisdisciples. “How few workers!  On your knees and pray for harvest hands!”  You can share in the programme by praying:-

  • Thank God for the use of IT in Bible translation as Stuart Campbell (Saintfield Road Presbyterian) shares about his IT GAP year in Cameroon.

  • Pray with Norman Geary (Trinity Bangor Presbyterian) for more harvest hands, both expatriate and national, in a difficult situation in East Asia.

  • Give thanks for how God has used Ian and Claire Gray (Monkstown Baptist) during their 50 years with Wycliffe – and take an offering to help finance a revised version of the Bible for the Tampulma people in Ghana.

  • Pray with Michael Jemphrey (Knock Presbyterian) for volunteers to help facilitate a Bible app which will enable speakers of four languages in Mali, who don’t have great literacy skills, to access the New Testament on their smart phones – hearing it and reading it at the same time as each verse is highlighted on the phone screens.


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