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Mission Overseas 'PRAYERLINE'

Wednesday, 25th March 2015


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PCI partners with the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands (UCJCI), a union of Presbyterian, Congregations and Disciples of Christ.

  • Give thanks for our partnership with UCJCI and pray for God’s blessing on its life, witness and service in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.

  • Remember outreach programmes to the vulnerable, especially the elderly, neglected children, one-parent families, addicts and those living on the streets. 


Csaba Veres is due to return to Cluj in Romania this Saturday (28th) having completed a short home assignment.  On his return, he will be taking up a new role working with the Diakonia Mission of the Transylvanian Reformed Church District.

  • Give thanks for the opportunities Csaba has had this month to share with others in PCI about his work in youth ministry in north-west Romania. 

  • Pray that Csaba will have a safe journey back to Cluj and remember him as he begins his new role.


Naomi Leremore writes that a TEE workshop will be held in Nairobi on Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st March.  The team are currently working on the fifth course book for the Diploma in the Holistic Nurturing of Children, and would value your prayers for this time spent together.  

  • Pray that the workshop will be both encouraging and productive for all involved in the writing process.

  • Remember especially Peter N. and Jane who are the main writers for Book 5 as both are dealing with health issues at present.

  • Thank God that several groups of students are starting Book 4 next week.

  • Pray for the financial support of this venture.


Stephen Cowan sends the following prayer requests from Tuum:-

  • Give thanks for a good attendance at the March teaching time, and for the number of men who have come back from outlying villages on a regular basis now for several months.

  • Pray for the plans for the April youth camps and for the team from Park Road Fellowship, Nairobi, a schools discipleship group, who will lead the camps. 

  • Pray for PCEA Tuum Girls’ Secondary School, that more students will join the school in the second term, when the new school bus should be ready.  Give thanks that the new Principal has settled well at the school, and that the first form girls are responding well to the boarding regime.

  • Pray for the roofing of the new girls’ dormitory at Seren, and for the contacts made for the Gospel with the community in that area.


John Justin from Hamilton Road Presbyterian Church, Bangor departed yesterday, (Tuesday 24th) for a short period of service in Malawi.  John has been invited to serve at the Embangweni and Bandawe Mission Stations of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian Synod of Livingstonia, to help teach and support young people in a number of Synod schools.  John will also be helping to train Sunday school, Youth Fellowship and Boys' Brigade leaders in local churches. 

  • Pray that John will arrive safely and adjust well to life and work in Malawi. 


Rev Edwin Kibathi sends the following prayer requests from the PCEA congregation in London:-

  • Give thanks for the recovery of Anne, a Kenyan woman who Edwin was visiting in hospital and that she has attended the Sunday service. 

  • Pray for Elizabeth (a member of the congregation) and her family who are mourning the loss of Elizabeth’s mother who died in Nairobi recently. 

  • James, a nephew of Anne Kibathi was attacked by thugs last week in Kenya and stabbed four times.  Pray that he will make a full and speedy recovery.  Pray too for the thugs who attacked him, that God may touch them and transform their lives for His glory.


Sadly, attacks on Christians in India have been increasing in recent months, following the formation of a right wing Hindu government last May, which has links to Hindutva, a Hindu fundamentalist ideology which believes foreign (non-Hindu) religions eg Christianity and Islam, should be thrown out of India.  The Hindutva forces have been making statements that all Indians are Hindus and have started a campaign called ‘Home Coming’ which was based on the argument that originally all Christians and Muslims were Hindus and so they should be reconverted to Hinduism.  Hindutva forces are accusing Christians of converting Hindus by force or allurements and allege that Christian churches in India receive billions of dollars from the West for conversions. 

A member of our partner church, the Church of North India writes, “One can feel the negative vibes against Christian in daily life, which is unprecedented.”

There have also been physical attacks on several churches and Christian organisations across India. Recently a 71 year old nun was raped.  Gradually laws are being made or amended which are against Christians, including anti-conversion laws and the education system which is being revamped.  

  • Pray for the Christian community in India.  Pray for the protection of Christians and that they will remain strong in their faith and witness.  

  • Pray for wisdom for the leadership of our partner – the Church of North India (CNI) at this difficult time.

  • Pray that the CNI will be courageous and faithful in its witness, service and preaching of the Gospel.


One of the Council for Global Mission’s Committees is the Global Concerns Committee.

  • Pray for the raising of awareness amongst PCI congregations to matters of global concern that can ultimately be of significant impact locally, especially issues relating to race relations, the environment, and international relations, especially in the Middle East.

  • Pray that PCI would provide a timely, effective, God-honouring response to these concerns as and when they arise around the world.


‘Prepared to Go?!’ – a day of practical training for individuals, team leaders and members of teams, who are preparing for involvement in short-term mission overseas, is taking place this Saturday, 28th March in Belfast Bible College.  Places are still available.  To book or for further information, go to email ppatton@pcinet.orgor call 028 9041 7246.

  • Pray that those who attend will find the seminars beneficial in their preparations for overseas mission.  

  • Pray for the seminar speakers as they finalise their presentation(s) and lead their seminar(s).


William Mateer, FEBA Ireland Ambassador, thanks you for your continuing prayerful support and asks for the following:

Africa:  Pray for Feba's partners in Sierra Leone working hard to respond to the Ebola crisis and its wider impacts.  Pray for their safety and well-being and for follow-up on the recent radio distribution.  Pray for those who received them that they will hear practical information that will benefit them, as well as being encouraged by the messages of hope and love being broadcast. 

Asia:  The manager of the RMB project in Bangladesh is completing his theology studies this year and has to travel to study in another town.  He is balancing his time between studies, teaching media students, managing the recording of RMB programmes, and of course his family. Pray for his health, strength and safety on the roads.  Pray also that these studies will be a blessing to him and his work.

Middle East:  Pray for Yemen following inter-religious attacks in Sana city recently. Pray also for some of Feba’s Facebook contacts, who they chat to online, asking God to speak to them as Feba staff build relationships.  Pray also for Feba’s internet radio programmes, and the teams who produce content in the Saudi and Kuwaiti dialects, asking that these would speak to many people.  Give thanks for a special series of programmes which will run from Saturday 4th to Monday 13th April focusing on salvation, crucifixion and resurrection, asking God to reveal Himself to many people as they listen.


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Thank you for sharing in the ministry of prayer

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