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Mission Overseas 'PRAYERLINE'

Wednesday, 7th October 2015


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James and Heather Cochrane report that the church planting work is getting back into full swing after the summer break.

  • Pray for the English classes as they restart and that new students will join. 

  • Pray for their work with adolescents which is commencing again this Friday evening, (9th).  Pray that all of the children who came to their English Experience programme in July will come along. 

  • Pray for the work amongst women through craft evenings and other similar activities.  Usually the women meet together on a monthly basis on a Friday evening.  Pray too for plans to start a more regular meeting during the day for women who are not at work. 

  • Pray specifically for contacts with men, they would accept invitations to come together, and that there would be opportunities to talk with them on a deeper level.


Ivan and Maureen Patterson have settled in well to life and work in Budapest, serving at the Karoli Gaspar Reformed University, Budapest. 

  • Pray that the Bible studies will be relevant to those attending.

  • Pray for forthcoming meetings with ministers and ministers’ wives.

  • Pray for Ivan as he prepares for speaking engagements and for interaction with the students.

  • Pray for the government of Hungary as it continues to grapple with the difficulties surrounding the refugee crisis.

  • Pray for the Reformed Church in Hungary as she responds to the needs that arise.

For more information on the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid’s work with the refugees in Hungary, go to:


This month, Csaba Veres is organising a programme entitled ‘72 hours without compromise,’ which is a weekend to encourage young people to serve the Lord through getting involved in social action ministry in their local communities. 

  • Pray for the ‘72 hours without compromise’ programme to go well and that it will challenge many to serve God through social action ministry.


Naomi Leremore reports that Book 7 of the new TEE Diploma course entitled, ‘The Holistic Nurturing of Children,’ has been published.  Book 8 on Pastoral Care and Child Counselling, the final book in the course is due to be ready for the publisher by this Friday, (9th). 

  • Pray that the newly published TEE Book 7 will be a blessing and a call to action for all those studying it.

  • Pray that TEE Book 8 will be ready for the publishers by this Friday.

  • Pray for the TEE workshop taking place this Friday, as Naomi and her colleagues start revising the books and look for effective ways to evaluate the course. 


Stephen Cowan sends the following prayer requests from Tuum:

  • Praise the Lord that the new school bus for PCEA Tuum Girls’ Secondary School (TGSS) has arrived in Tuum and carried some of the students to the school last week!  Give thanks for all who donated to its cost, through the Presbyterian Women’s project and the World Development Appeal.  

  • Pray that as Tuum now has mobile network and the school has transport, that next year more students will be encouraged to enroll in TGSS. 

  • Give thanks that the school teachers strike in Kenya is on hold, and the schools are to resume.  

  • Give thanks for progress at Seren.  Kasoni has gone to meet the parents in the outlying villages a few hours walk from Seren and inform them that the dorm facility is ready for use.  She will also be involved in preaching the gospel in the villages in the evenings.

  • Give thanks that the two iServe Africa mission apprentices are settling into life in Tuum, and working in the community.  Agnes has accompanied Kasoni to Seren, and David is involved in preparing to plant some plots using the direct drilling planter.  Both these apprentices will be involved in building relationships with community members and hope to start some Bible studies.  Some local village evangelistic meetings have also resumed in the villages near Tuum, namely Sesii and Simale.


Neil Kennedy is preaching this Sunday, (11th).  He is also preparing for the medical curriculum review at the College of Medicine, which is to be held later in October.  Neil and Sara’s son Ben is settling well into university in England, and Sara and their daughter Grace will be using their half-term break to visit him. 

  • Pray for the Lord to speak through Neil at Sunday’s service.

  • Pray for wisdom and efficiency for Neil as he prepares for the medical curriculum review to be held later in October.  

  • Pray for safe travel for Sara and Grace as they visit Ben. 

  • Continue to pray for Ben as he adjusts to life in the UK. 

Diane Cusick writes, “October will be busy as there are seven more Presbytery trainings which will be supervised, and a report to write to the donors.  I have not met with my successor yet, but am hoping that I will have time with him before my finishing date at work, which is October 20th.  There is much to do before that….”

  • Give thanks for the training which has taken place in September, and pray for the training which will take place in October.

  • Pray for a good hand-over to Rev Godwin Chirambo, the new Director of Early Childhood Development in the Synod, and that Nicolas and the new Director will work well together.

  • Give thanks for the past 20 years Diane has had in Malawi, for the privilege she has had of serving in such a beautiful part of the world.  Pray for Diane as she completes her service in Malawi, says goodbye to many friends and colleagues, and packs up her belongings in preparation for a period of time in Ireland before her next sphere of service during 2016. 

ASIANS in the UK

Christopher and Nivedita Benjamin travelled to India last week for their home assignment with the Gujarat Diocese of the Church of North India. 

  • Praise the Lord for the recent opportunities Christopher and Nivedita have had to reach out to their fellow Gujarati’s in London with the Gospel message.

  • Pray for Christopher and Nivedita as over the next two months travel around Gujarat, sharing about their work at various church services and meetings. 


United Mission to Nepal continues to be heavily involved in earthquake relief work.  Peter Lockwood reports that in September, United Mission to Nepal’s Dhading Disaster Response Programme started to expand and develop.  There has been a large number of new staff joining UMN and interviews for additional staff are ongoing.  There was a very successful two-day induction workshop for the new staff who have just joined.   Peter was involved in the ‘Engineering and Construction’ workshop, which developed the detailed plans.  Peter plans to visit north Dhading during October.” 

  • Pray for UMN staff as they continue to work on disaster relief in Dhading district. 

  • Pray for new staff to settle well into their new roles.

  • Pray especially for all those who are continuing to suffer the consequences of the earthquakes in April and May.  Pray that they will get the assistance they need to rebuild their lives. 

  • Pray too for the people of Nepal as the country is currently suffering from food and fuel shortages due to damaged roads in the north caused by the earthquakes, and as India has closed its border with Nepal in the south.  


Feba is a Christian charity which enables the broadcasting of radio programmes and audience relations to address people's physical and spiritual needs in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.  Feba broadcasts in more than 60 different languages to countries across Africa, Asia and the Middle East.  Many of Feba's programmes are aired on short wave, but an increasing number are being broadcast on local radio as well.

  • Pray that through Feba’s radio programmes, many more people will come to know Christ.

  • Pray too for isolated Christians to be strengthened in their faith. 


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