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Mission Overseas 'PRAYERLINE'

Wednesday, 16th April 2014


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Over recent months, members of the congregation of Peixinhos in Olinda with whom Naomi Keefe works, have been reaching out to the families of children from a favela who attend a club they run, by visiting the children at home on a regular basis.  Some of the members have ‘adopted’ a family from the favela, helping them in practical ways.  Many of the visits have now taken on the form of evangelistic Bible Studies.

Naomi also continues to be involved in training sessions with adult Sunday school teachers, together with planning sessions for evangelism in the neighbourhood which will use the theme of the football World Cup.

  • Pray for the Bible Studies, that God would bring many of these families to Himself.

  • Continue to pray for wisdom and guidance in training the Sunday School teachers as they work through material which Naomi has prepared and Sam Doherty’s book on “The Principles of Teaching”.

  • Pray for safety and protection for Naomi as she travels, including from the scorpions and the Dengue fly.  


Derek and Jane French and the Grupos Bíblicos Unídos Team in the north of Spain have been encouraged recently by several local churches committing to support both Lina and Natali in the work they do as part of the GBU team.

  • Give thanks for this and continue to remember Derek and Jane and the team members in their student ministry work.  Pray especially Natali as she prayerfully considers her future. 


James and Heather Cochrane send the following prayer points from Porto:-

  • The Griffiths and Knapps (colleagues of James and Heather), give thanks to God for their time at the European Christian Mission biennial conference in Umag, Croatia.  Praise God for the wonderful teaching, both the adults and kids programs were exceptional.  Praise God for the refreshing week that was and for the safe travel.

  • Alana Cochrane's IGCSE Portuguese oral examination went very well last week.  The next exam, the first of the two written papers, is on 2nd May.  Pray for her as she prepares over the Easter holidays.

  • Give thanks that the Cochranes have now moved into their new, dry home!  The move went smoothly and they are feeling settled.  Pray for them as they get to know the neighbours in their building. 

  • Pray for James and Heather as they prepare to start informal English conversation classes on Tuesday evenings, beginning in May.  Give thanks that the manager of the Senhora da Hora swimming pool 'bar' (coffee shop) is very keen to let them to use this space for the classes, even wanting to provide coffee free of charge!


This week the Diakonia Mission Centre is the village of Mera where Ilona Veres works is holding an Easter Bible Club for children. 

  • Pray for the children as they explore and remember lessons on the cross and resurrection.  Pray they will respond to the good news and give their lives to Christ.

  • Pray too for the strengthening of relationships between staff at the mission and local women, and for opportunities to share the good news of Jesus with them. 


Stephen Cowan reports that this week’s youth camps in Tuum are going well, with young people attending from the usual villages, along with the first ever group from the village of Sesi, where the fellowship from Tuum have been visiting regularly in recent weeks.  The teaching seems to be holding the children’s attention, and many are responding to the gospel challenge in the evenings.  The changeover day is today (16th) and it is hoped the senior youth camp will be well attended too. 

In December, Stephen asked for prayer for a girl from PCEA Tuum Girls’ Secondary School whose parents had arranged to be married, but was then cancelled.  Since then, a number of things happened resulting in the girl getting married as originally planned, expecting a child and having to leave school. 

  • Pray for a group of young people, that they will embrace leadership. 

  • Pray for safe travel as camps end and for the Cowans as they organise to return Caragh and Jason to their boarding schools, on different dates.

  • Pray for girl who has left school and is now married. 


Gary and Mary Reid write: 'Thursday 10th was ‘Fun Day’ at the Mission.  After a period of playing games...  Gary asked the children (and adults) were they having fun, to which came a resounding, 'Yes!' At this, Gary said, 'Well then, let's thank God for giving us this time of fun together.' So we all united in prayer in thanks to our Lord, … and after this Gary spoke to the children about the meaning of Easter…..

On Friday and Saturday Isintin PCEA choir will come to the Mission for choir practice with Mary, alongside those who will be taking part in the Easter service.  (The three PCEA churches will be uniting together for this service.)  Some of those who will be reading from God's Word have not been to school, but through literacy classes have recently learned to read.”

  • Pray for all who attended the ‘Fun Day’, that the seeds planted will grow and that God's Holy Spirit will continue to work in their lives.  

  • Pray for all taking part in the Easter service at PCEA Isintin church, that they will know God's presence very near to them and will know His blessing. 

  • Remember Gary as be brings God's message and that God will speak through him by His Holy Spirit. 


Thomas Leremore arrived safely in N Ireland earlier this week.  He had intended to travel with Naomi and their children to Ireland in mid-March, but only received a visa to allow him to enter the UK last week.  Naomi is on home assignment, and is currently involved in deputation.  They are due to depart for Kenya on 28th April. 

  • Give thanks that Thomas arrived safely and that can spend a couple of weeks with Naomi and their children in Ireland.

  • Pray for Naomi as who continues to be involved in deputation.


Next Friday, 25th April, the PCI Ignite Malawi Team 2014 are due to depart for a two-week visit.  The team of 12 healthcare workers, led by Dr Moyna Bill, will be going to see and participate in healthcare work in Blantyre and Mulanje in Southern Malawi. 

Arrangements are still be to confirmed, especially regarding the time in the hospitals and at the projects.  Pray for Neil Kennedy as he liaises with the different departments. 

  • Pray for safety in travel and good health for each member of the team. 

  • As the time between confirmation of the team members and the team’s departure has been short, pray that the team will work well together and be a great encouragement to each other. 

  • Pray that team members will not only see and experience the work being done in Blantyre and Mulanje, but that they will be able to encourage those who work there and give to them in some way, whether in teaching, advice, or other ways.

  • Pray that the team will be sensitive to those around and attentive to God's Spirit. 


Neil and Sara Kennedy send the following prayer requests from Blantyre:-

  • Pray for their son Ben who is in the final few weeks of AS exam preparation.  Pray he will get the guidance he needs from his teachers.

  • Pray for those working to improve the drug supply for patients. As a result of ‘Cashgate’ and other corruption, donors are looking at new ways to safeguard their donations. 

  • Neil writes, “We are surviving on donations in cash and kind from well-wishers in Malawi.” Give thanks for these people and their generosity.


Recently Lyn and Johnny Dowds have been kept busy working on their tree project, which they hope to expand to more schools this year if support allows.

  • Pray for the David Gordon Memorial Hospital, for new staff and for Lyn as she covers for the Medical Officer in Charge who is on holiday for two months.

  • Pray for wisdom and stamina as Lyn and the other clinicians work hard to ensure the surrounding rural communities continue to have good health provision.

  • Sadly, one of the smallest babies in nursery died last weekend.  Pray for the mother of this baby and the others who are in nursery with just the basic equipment.  Pray that each of the babies will grow up to serve God. 

  • Give thanks to everyone who sends knitwear, formula and nappies for the babies, and pray for the staff as they work together to care for them. 

  • Pray that the Newborn Course will be beneficial to the staff, and for Lyn as she teaches every week.

  • Pray for Johnny and the children in their home schooling, and that they will each settle quickly into the third term. 

  • Remember the country of Malawi in the run up to elections in May.  Pray for safety and peace. 

ASIANS in the UK

Christopher and Nivedita Benjamin, based in the London, send the following prayer requests:-

  • Pray for the weekly meditation they have been sending to their contacts, the majority of whom are Hindu. 

  • Pray for Christopher and Nivedita as they prepare an article on the Easter message for the well-established Asian publications ‘Gujarat Samachar’ and ‘Asian Voice’.

  • Remember Christopher and Nivedita as they reach out their Hindu friends and share the Gospel. 


William Mateer, FEBA Ireland Ambassador, writes: “As we celebrate Easter, let us think and pray for our brothers and sisters across the world as we join together rejoicing in the risen Saviour”

Africa: Pray for the people of South Sudan where Feba broadcast to three particular tribal groups, giving thanks for the opportunity to share the Gospel with these oral speakers using shortwave radio, and for their commitment to following Jesus in difficult circumstances.  Pray that the programmes would bring encouragement and healing to a divided society following recent tribal unrest.

Asia:  Pray for listeners in India and Afghanistan during this election time asking God to encourage them with the truth of the Gospel, during what is a lengthy period of uncertainty, and with the knowledge that fellow believers across the world are interceding for them over the Easter season.  Pray that they would be blessed as they tune into Feba’s broadcasts.

Middle East:  Pray for the people of Syria and Egypt that Feba’s programmes telling the Easter story would encourage them.  Pray that the peace of God would reach into places of hatred and distrust, that many would be able to worship in spirit and truth and that the believers in these countries may be a witness to their neighbours as God would have them be.



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