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Mission Overseas 'PRAYERLINE'

Wednesday, 29th April 2015


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The death toll following the devastating earthquake last Saturday (25th) in Nepal now stands at over 5,000, though it is feared it will rise in the coming days.  Over eight million people have been affected by the quake, tens of thousands have been left homeless and over a million are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. 

The Moderator, Rt Rev Dr Michael Barry has written today to PCI ministers encouraging congregations to support a special PCI Appeal which has been launched to raise funds to help the victims of the earthquake. (Appeal Info)

  • Pray for those mourning the loss of loved ones, that they will find comfort.

  • Pray for those who are in distress as they await news of family / colleagues / friends who are still unaccounted for.  Pray that they will find strength and peace. 

  • Pray for those who have been injured.  Pray that will have free access to appropriate medical assistance, and for their recovery. 

  • Pray for all those in need of emergency humanitarian assistance; clean water; food; shelter, etc.  Pray that they will be given the provisions they need.  Pray especially that there will not be outbreaks of diseases such as cholera. 

  • Pray for the government of Nepal and for all the humanitarian aid agencies involved in the current search and rescue effort and recovery operation.  Pray for safety, wisdom, energy and for success in rescuing more survivors.

  • Give thanks that PCI mission personnel in Nepal, the Coulters and the Lockwood family are safe.  Pray for them as they see and hear about the devastation and destruction in the country in which they live and work. 

  • Pray especially for our partner – the United Mission to Nepal (UMN) as they seek to assist in every way they can.  Pray for Mark Galpin, Director of UMN and Binod Awale UMN’s Disaster Response Advisor and other key staff as they coordinate UMN’s response.  Remember Peter Lockwood assessing UMN properties and expatriate homes in Kathmandu for any damage, and for Stephen Coulter as he provides training in trauma support at Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC). 

  • Pray for all who have had damage to their homes / possessions / livelihoods, and for all those facing an uncertain future.  Pray that they will receive the help they need to rebuild their home and lives in the longer term. 

  • Pray for Laura Coulter and Valerie Lockwood and her children Conor, Joel and Erin, who are still in Pokhara as they travel back to Kathmandu tomorrow, (30th).

  • Give thanks for the international aid response so far.  Pray that this will continue and for good co-ordination and efficiency amongst aid agencies and the Nepali government over the coming weeks and months. 

  • Remember the Church in Nepal deeply impacted by this disaster yet seeking to respond with the compassion of Jesus Christ who brings hope amidst devastation. 

  • Pray that the Moderator’s Special Appeal for Nepal will be well supported.


See also related news items on the earthquake at

The earthquake comes at a time when the Christian community in Nepal had called for ’40 days of Global Prayer for Nepal’ from 15th April to 24th May.  Ongoing prayer points for Nepal, (written before the earthquake) to encourage people to take part are available here .


PCI partners with the Presbyterian Church in Brazil (IPB) and the Independent Presbyterian Church of Brazil (IPIB).

  • Pray for the IPB and IPIB; that the church leaders and ministers will be guided by God and for the congregations to be built up in their faith and love for Christ.

  • Pray too for the outreach ministries of both churches and that many more in Brazil will come to know Christ as their personal Saviour and Lord. 


Gary and Mary Reid continue their work amongst the Maasai people in the Olkinyei area of Kenya. 

  • Pray for the people in Olkinyei, that God’s Holy Spirit will fall with power, convicting them of their sin and their need for the Saviour and that they will come to true repentance: abhorring, confessing and, by His grace, forsaking their sins, for His glory.

  • Pray that Gary and Mary would ever be led by God’s Holy Spirit in all that they do and that wthey would never bring dishonour to His Holy Name, but be filled, in ever increasing measure, with His love.


John Justin sends the following prayer points from Embangweni:

  • Give thanks for a good start to the Student Christian Organisation of Malawi (SCOM) and Church of Central Africa Presbyterian Student Organisation (CCAPSO) groups at Robert Laws Secondary School.

  • Praise God for five faithful leaders helping in Bible Club, Girls’ Brigade and Boys’ Brigade.

  • As numbers continue to grow in youth work, pray for more helpers from the church.

  • Pray for the young people as they reach out to their friends.

  • Pray for the Rev Mollen Chilongo and the Session in the local CCAP congregation as they continue to support the youth work.


Sadly a good friend of JinHyeog and Volker Glissmann, Belinda Naude, died suddenly towards the end of last week.  Belinda and her husband John were volunteers with Emmanuel International in Malawi.

  • Pray for the Naude family at this difficult time; for John (Belinda’s husband) who is a pastor and who has a disability, and for their son Samuel (aged 11).

  • Remember too the Glissmann family as they too mourn the loss of one of their closest friends in Malawi. 


Through Gujranwala Theological Seminary (GTS), the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan (PCP) trains men for ordained and lay ministries; while the independent United Bible Training Centre (UBTC) trains women for evangelism and pastoral world.

  • Pray for courage, strength and safety for Pakistani Christians facing many difficulties, and great wisdom for Church leaders.

  • Pray that staff at GTS and UBTC will teach with clarity and passion, and that students will be well equipped for ministry.


With Christians accounting for only 2.3% of India’s 1.2 billion people, the Church of North India (CNI) faces many challenges in being an effective witness in a predominantly Hindu culture.

  • Pray that CNI will be courageous and faithful in its witness, service and preaching of the Gospel; and particularly in speaking up for the marginalised and oppressed.

  • Pray for CNI as it seeks to raise greater awareness of, and take steps to prevent, the illegal trafficking of women.


Helen Johnston is PCI’s Mission Support Officer for Member Care and has responsibility for recruiting and caring for PCI mission personnel serving overseas. 

  • Pray for God’s leading and guiding for Helen and others involved in advising, training and preparing individuals and families for service in mission overseas with partner churches, institutions and mission organisations.

  • Thank God for the volunteer team of Pastoral Advisors.  Pray for God’s wisdom and discernment as they provide care and encouragement for overseas mission personnel when they are back home in Ireland.


Christ's offer of new life and a fresh start was the theme of a special concert organised by SAT-7 in Egypt.  Almost 3,000 people attended with thousands more watching on TV and online. The ‘New Opportunity’ event was held in a packed St Mark's Church in Shoubra, Cairo, on 7th April.  There was space for only 2,000 people inside the building so a big screen was set up outside for others to watch.  The praise was led by Egyptian singer Manal Samir and Jordanian singer Zyad Shehada, and included one song written especially for the event. 

  • Pray that the event and other SAT-7 programming will help provide answers to some of the questions people have about the Christian faith and also trigger new questions in their minds to make them interested to know more.

Recent guests on SAT-7 ARABIC’s ‘Forbidden’ programme have included the Archbishop of Canterbury and best-selling American author Philip Yancey.  Presenter Dr Imed Dabbour asked both of these prominent guests to give their perspective on the violence and suffering that has engulfed the Middle East. 

Answering the question “Where is God in this situation?”, the Most Rev Justin Welby referred to his family’s personal experience of losing a seven-month-old daughter in a car crash, and said, “God weeps… God is not far off or distant but feels deeply with our horrors and sorrows…”

He gave this personal message to SAT-7’s millions of viewers in the Arab world:  “First, we do not forget you. In the Church we pray for all people in the Middle East who suffer.  Secondly, we pray for peace and reconciliation. Thirdly, we pray for justice.  We know that those who cause your suffering will not escape the justice of God."

  • Pray for Dr Imed Dabbour as he presents ‘Forbidden’, a programme that often deals with sensitive and sometimes controversial topics in Arab culture from a Christian perspective. 


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