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Mission Overseas 'PRAYERLINE'

Wednesday, 17th September 2014


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Naomi Keefe, who is in Ireland on home assignment continues to undergo further medical tests (to establish the cause of her lack of energy). 

  • Pray for the doctors treating Naomi and for give thanks for a small improvement in her energy levels. 

  • Continue to remember members of the Camocim and Peixinhos churches as they reach out to the community through the various Evangelistic Bible Studies with the families and with the men in the local football team.  


From Friday 19th to Tuesday 23rd September, James and Heather Cochrane will be hosting a ‘Come, See and Pray team’ of five women from the PW Central Committee.  Also this Friday (19th), James is involved in running a church planting conference in the Porto region at which Ron Anderson will be speaking and holding workshops. 

  • Pray for the PW ‘Come, See and Pray team’.  Pray that each member will be encouraged and challenged by what they see, and that the Cochranes and Griffiths will be encouraged by their willingness to come to Portugal and learn about and pray for the ongoing church planting ministry in the greater Porto area.

  • Pray for the church planting conference and for Ron Anderson who will be speaking and holding workshops.

  • Pray that church planters in the Porto region will be challenged and encouraged by the conference.


Edit Moldván from the Hungarian Reformed Church in Hungary, is due to arrive in Belfast next Tuesday (23rd), to undertake one year of research in Old Testament at Union Theological College, Belfast, supported by the Board of Mission Overseas’ Leadership Development Committee.  

  • Pray that Edit will have a safe and trouble-free journey.

  • Remember her over the next few weeks as she adjusts to life and study in Ireland. 


It is estimated that over 2,600 people have been killed due to fighting in the east of Ukraine over recent months after rebels began seizing power in a number of areas and fighting for separation.  Although earlier this month, a ceasefire was declared and the Ukrainian government has made a commitment to implement self-rule in some parts of the east, rebels are still demanding complete independence.  It has been reported that some fighting is still continuing.

Although, the fighting has been taking place hundreds of miles away from our partner church in Ukraine, the Reformed Church of Sub-Carpathia (RCSC), local people are suffering from currency depreciation, lack of gas, and are living in fear of what is to come.  Partial military mobilisation across the country has also affected Hungarian families, in Transcarpathia, with people being called up to serve in the army.  The first victims from Transcarpthia have already been buried.  The leadership of the RCSC, also recently issued a statement calling for a peaceful and democratic solution to be found without the sacrificing of human lives.

  • Pray for the members of our partner church and for people across Ukraine at this difficult time, and for a peaceful and just end to the crisis to come soon.

For more info, see news item ‘UKRAINE: Partner Church Pleads for Peace as local people live in Fear of the Future


Stephen Cowan is pleased to report that a container of various items packed in Ireland earlier this year arrived in Tuum last Saturday. The goods have all been off loaded and some already put to good use.  After some discussions it has been decided to change the Monthly Teaching times to the fourth week of every month to avoid clashes with most of the market days.

  • Give thanks for the safe arrival of the container in Tuum, and for all in Ireland who helped prepare items and pack them.

  • Pray for Kasoni as she begins visiting schools again.  The issue of a driver still causes some concern.

  • Pray for the ongoing construction of the girls dormitory at Seren.  Sufficient bricks have now been made, and will be laid soon.  Pray with Samuel as he continues to minister there.

  • Pray too for PCEA Tuum Girls’ Secondary School, as they plan a local fundraising towards the school bus.

  • Pray for the Monthly Teaching time which will be held later this month and for the outreach which will follow.

  • Pray that the visit to Stephen and Angelina’s two children at boarding school, which is planned for the end of this week, will go well. 


Anne Kibathi and Anna Kimaku had a good visit to Ireland last weekend when they attend the PW Conference held in Belfast on Saturday 13th.  The PCEA London’s Women’s Guild have organised an interdenominational seminar this Saturday (20th), during which they will take time to pray for the many problems affecting the world.

Sadly, a man from the congregation who was in hospital passed away.  Thankfully he gave his life to Christ a few weeks ago.  Edwin is leading a memorial service for him this evening (17th) and his body is expected to be flown to Kenya for burial on Thursday (18th). 

  • Thank God for safe travel last weekend for Anne and Anna, and pray that they will benefit from the conference.

  • Pray that the women’s interdenominational seminar will go well, and that many will find time to attend.

  • Pray for the family of the man who died, that they will be granted strength during this time of loss.  Pray too for safe travel for the family member travelling to Kenya to accompany the body. 


Last week’s Prayerline, included a prayer request from Neil Kennedy regarding three street children who had been abused and whom safe homes were being sought.  Thankfully a safe home for each of them has been found.  In two weeks’ time, Neil will step down as Head of Paediatrics to allow him to spend more time overseeing medical education across the College.

  • Give thanks that safe homes have been found for the three children.  Pray that local police would be able to apprehend the perpetrator who was abusing them.

  • Pray that the Neil’s transition from Head of Paediatrics will go smoothly. 


This month, Diane Cusick is involved in two Zonal meetings to discuss the quality of Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centres.  

  • Pray for these meetings to go well and for safe travel.

  • Give thanks for all that is being achieved in Early Childhood Education in the Synod of Livingstonia. 

  • Pray that funding for the ECD programme in the Synod and be found. 


Johnny and Lyn Dowds send the following prayer requests:-

In September, a number of different groups are helping with the work at the David Gordon Memorial Hospital in Livingstonia.  Pray for their safe travel and that each will remain well during their trip.  Praise God for this support and that they will be a good ambassadors for the hospital.

  • Pray for the work of the hospital in these difficult financial times, as it continues to serve the local community.

  • Pray for the expanding work in the eye and dental departments and in other aspects of hospital life.  Pray that staff at the hospital may be led by God in all their plans. 


ASIANS in the UK

Christopher and Nivedita Benjamin share the following prayer requests:-

  • Pray for Christopher and Nivedita as they regularly visit and meet with their Hindu friends.

  • Pray for the various approaches through which they are witnessing to their friends of other faiths and among the multi-cultural multi-faith society of north-west London.


The United Mission to Nepal (UMN) sends the following prayer requests:-

  • The court case regarding UMN's property is due to be heard in the middle of November.  Their team is working hard to prepare for it.  Pray for wisdom and clear sightedness for the team; that justice will be done; and that UMN will be able to retain its headquarters and continue its operations without interruption.

  • Pray for the combined UMN and INF Nepal Conference being held this weekend in Swanwick, UK.  Pray that this will be a great time of sharing, learning, and celebrating. 

  • Continue to pray for UMN’s ongoing monsoon relief efforts.  



John Hamilton of Wycliffe Bible Translators writes about the importance of Scripture songs…“The Pangu people are a minority language group in northern Nigeria. Over the past decade an alphabet has been developed and literacy work started,butvery few Pangu people have learned to read and write in their language.  So with the Gospel of Luke almost ready for publication, a Pangu Scripture song writing workshop was held last February with over 30 people attending.  Twelve songs basedonLuke were written and recorded – and are being shared via mobile phones.  Click here to see an English translation of two of the songs.

  • Praise God for the successful song writing workshop.

  • Pray that Pangu Christians will be able to use these new songs in church services.

  • Pray for Christians with the ability to compose new songs in their language.

  • Pray that the music and the words in Pangu will attract people who are not yet Christians.

  • Pray that Pangu Christians will learn to apply the truths of God’s Word to their lives.

  • Pray too for John and colleagues from five other mission agencies facilitating the Kairos Mission Course for new students at Belfast Bible College all this week.


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