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Mission Overseas 'PRAYERLINE'

Wednesday, 19th November 2014


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Naomi Keefe is due return to Olinda in north east Brazil tomorrow (Thursday, 20th).  Naomi who has been on home assignment in Ireland since the summer, had been unwell for several months.  Thankfully she is now feeling much better and her energy levels have improved. 

  • Give thanks for Naomi’s recovery from illness and pray for continuing good health. 

  • Pray that she will have a safe and trouble-free journey back to Brazil. 

  • Remember Naomi over the next few weeks as she settles back into her home, life and work in Brazil. 


Distressing situations continue in the Middle East, especially in Syria and Iraq 

  • Pray for Christians and other minorities who are being persecuted.  

  • Pray too for those suffering as a result of the violence in their region. 

  • Pray that sufficient humanitarian assistance and medical help will reach all those in need in time. 

  • Pray for all efforts to bring a peaceful and just end to each dispute in the region. 

  • Pray for our partner church, the National Synod of Syria and Lebanon (NESSL). 

  • Pray also for the leaders in Iraq and other nations; pray that they respond to the challenge of IS (Islamic State) effectively.


Over the past few months, the world has been watching the tragic unfolding of the current Ebola crisis centred in West Africa.  At the end of October, the UK’s Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) launched a special appeal to help stop the spread of the disease and provide support to those affected by the crisis. 

  • Pray for all those who are suffering with Ebola, those living in fear of contracting the disease, and all who are suffering either directly or in-directly because of it.

  • Pray that the outbreak will be brought under control, for the disease to be eradicated, and that a cure for Ebola and a vaccine against it will be developed. 

  • Pray for all those seeking to bring help to those affected by the crisis.

Both Christian Aid and Tearfund are members of DEC and they are accepting donations for the Ebola Crisis Appeal.

For more details on the crisis and how to donate to the Appeal, visit their websites:- Christian Aid -  |  Tearfund -


The five members of the PCI delegation to Kenya - the Moderator, Rt Rev Dr Michael Barry, his wife Esther and their daughter Debbie, Anna Morison (PW President), and Charlotte Stevenson (PW Communications and Development Officer), all returned safely to Ireland earlier this week.  During their time in Kenya, they spent time with Presbyterian Church of East Africia (PCEA) church leaders, PCI overseas mission personnel serving in Kenya, as well as connecting with the PCEA Women’s Guild and visiting partner church projects. 

  • Give thanks that the group had a safe trip and for all that has been achieved and pray that the visit will have strengthened the partnership between PCI and PCEA, and result in ever more fruitful collaboration in mission. 


Neil Kennedy returned to Malawi earlier this week following a short home assignment. 

  • Give thanks for the opportunities Neil had to talk about the Lord’s work in Malawi at church services and meetings. 

  • Remember him as he settles back into life and work in Malawi. 


David and Pamela McCullagh together with baby Beth, returned to Lilongwe in October to resume their work with Scripture Union (SU) in Malawi.

  • Pray for Amon Chanika, National Director of SU Malawi, as he oversees the day-to-day running of the organisation.

  • Pray for wisdom for David in his role as Ministries Coordinator, and in training and developing SU Malawi staff and volunteers.

  • Pray for Pam as she looks after Beth, while also assisting the SU Malawi team production Bible reading and study materials. 


Matt Williams sends the following prayer requests:-

  • Pray that the Faculty of Theology becomes ever more Christ-centred in its academic, spiritual, and social life. 

  • Pray for mercy and wisdom for the thousands upon thousands of Malawians who are struggling with school fees and inputs for the upcoming farming season.

  • Pray that Matt will have clarity of mind to discern how the Spirit is directing him to spend (and not to spend) his time and energy.


Volker and JinHyeog Glissmann continue their work with Theological Education by Extension in Malawi (TEEM).  They write, “We are now back in full swing after Volker’s recent travel.  The conference in Ethiopia went well and Volker was able to renew contacts with TEE programmes here in the Southern Region of Africa.  It is hoped there will be closer cooperation between the different programmes in the future. 

We had some problems with our last Chichewa translator who was working on TEEM’s new ‘Preaching Philippians’ booklet.  Thankfully this week, we were finally able to find a suitable and capable translator to replace the previous one.  We are verypleased about this and hope that the project will now move forward swiftly.”

  • Pray for plans for closer co-operation amongst the TEE groups in Southern Africa. 

  • Pray for the TEEM’s new translator, that he is inspired to find the right words for the translation and produce the translation in good time.


Rev John Faris (Minister of Trinity Cork and Aghada) and Linda Jackson (former PCI missionary in India) are currently on a short visit to India.  On Monday, 17th November, they attended the official opening of a renovated library and computer suite at the Gujarat United School of Theology in Ahmedabad.  Whilst in India, Linda will also visit Woodstock School, Mussoorie where she served from 1996 to 2009.

  • Give thanks for the renovated library and computer suite at the Gujarat United School of Theology and pray that the many students who will use it in the years ahead will benefit greatly.
  • Pray that John and Linda will each have a safe and trouble-free trip.


Each Presbyterian Junior Boys’ Brigade Section is encouraged to support the annual Appeal organised by the Presbyterian Boys' Brigade (BB) World Mission Committee.  This year’s Appeal (2014/15) entitled 'Living Trees - Malawi' is supporting a project run by Johnny and Lyn Dowds in Livingstonia.  The project aims to supply every house and school in its area with trees for fruit, firewood and also nitrogen fixing trees to improve the soil in their maize fields.  A small percentage of funds raised, will go towards the work of the BB Global Fellowship, for the worldwide work of the Boys’ Brigade.  The project runs until June 2015. 

  • Give thanks for the efforts of officers and boys each year raising funds for the Appeal. 

  • Pray that the 2014/15 Appeal will be well-supported over the coming year.

For more information on the Appeal go to


The Bible Society in N. Ireland (BSNI) and the National Bible Society in Ireland (NBSI) send the following prayer requests:-

IRAQ:  The Bible Society in Iraq has been working for many years to provide Scripture to Iraq’s Christian community.  IS have forced the Christian population to flee their homes and one of the staff team in Iraq has commented, “Never have I seen and experienced the levels of heartbreak that are happening now.”  The team is providing aid, such as food, bedding and Scripture for the refugees.

  • Ask for God’s intervention, and for His protection on Christians ministering to the many displaced people.  May His Word spread, bringing comfort to people who are destitute!

TOGO:  At the end of November BSNI staff member, Leah McKibben, is travelling to Togo to attend the dedication of the newly translated Mina Bible.  While there she will be seeing ministries to children and young people, prisoners and those attending literacy classes.

  • Thank God that the Mina people are having the opportunity to celebrate God speaking to them in their heart language for the first time.

  • Pray for Leah, for safe travels and for an experience that will help as the Bible Societies seek new ways to work together to bring God’s Word to more people.


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