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Mission Overseas 'PRAYERLINE'

Wednesday, 27th August 2014


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Gary and Mary Reid's three oldest children will be returning this weekend to boarding school.  Over the summer, they have been a great support in the home and on the Mission in general.  Their two oldest boys put on a roof and dealt with the maintenance issues on the Mission.  They also laid 700 meters of water pipes in the community with the Maasai, and even had time to build a monkey house for the ‘Maasai Action for Change’s animal rescue section on the Mission.  The two youngest kept the hungry mouths satisfied with cakes and scones! 

  • Pray for the Reid children as they return to boarding school; separating is never easy.  Also remember their youngest as he resumes home schooling with his mum.

  • Remember Gary as he will be going to the doctor next week for a review regarding the pneumonia that has made him ill for the past two months.

  • Pray for the Maasai people that Gary and Mary come into contact with, that Christ will shine through them both and that they will be given the right words to say, bringing all glory to God. 


Stephen and Angelina Cowan report that both the Waringstown Presbyterian Team (who were helping lead the August youth camps in Tuum), and the team from Turi in Kenya, (who were helping with the construction of the girls’ dormitory at Seren), both returned home safely. 

  • Give thanks for each member of the teams and for their contribution youth camps / building project.   

  • Give thanks for some recent rainfall which will replenish some water sources.  Pray for further rainfall to help provide grass for animals. 

  • Continue to pray for the ongoing construction of the girls’ dormitory at Seren. 

  • Give thanks for the encouraging number of people who met together at Seren last Sunday and at church in Tuum.  Stephen writes, “Several people requested prayer ministry at the end of a powerful service.”



Volker and JinHyeog Glissmann and family are departing today (Wednesday, 27th) to return to Malawi following several weeks in Ireland. 

  • Pray for safe and trouble-free travel.

  • Praise the Lord for the break they enjoyed in Ireland and for the chance to catch up with many friends.

  • Pray for the family as they settle back into work and school in Malawi over the coming weeks. 


The Presbyterian Boys' Brigade (BB) World Mission Committee has just launched this year's Junior BB Appeal, entitled 'Living Trees - Malawi'.  Each Presbyterian Junior BB Section is encouraged to support the Appeal over the coming academic year and 'Living Trees - Malawi' Project Packs, should reach the leader of each Presbyterian Junior BB Section in the next few days. 

The 'Living Trees - Malawi' Appeal will be supporting a project run by Johnny and Lyn Dowds in Livingstonia which aims to supply every house and school in its area with trees for fruit, firewood and also nitrogen fixing trees to improve the soil in their maize fields.  A small percentage of funds raised, will go towards the work of the BB Global Fellowship, for the worldwide work of the Boys’ Brigade. 

  • Pray that the Appeal will be well-supported over the coming year.

  • Give thanks for all those who supported last year’s ‘Light of the Amazon’ Appeal which raised almost 9,000 to assist with the running costs of a hospital boat run by the Bible Society in Brazil, whichreaches out to isolated communities living along the Amazon river in Brazil.

For more information on this year's Appeal go to Junior BB Appeal 2014/15


Over the next few weeks, it is hoped that many PCI congregations will be supporting theModerator’s 'SOUTH SUDAN FAMINE APPEAL. The country, which was established in July 2011, is the world's youngest nation.  Tragically, conflict broke out last December and since then, well over 10,000 people have been killed and around two million people have fled their homes.  Four million people are now in need of urgent humanitarian assistance, including one million people from the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan - PCI's Partner Church. 

Funds raised by the Appeal will be shared between Christian Aid, Tearfund and the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan's Relief and Development Agency.

  • Pray that the ‘South Sudan Famine Appeal’ will be well-supported by PCI members.

  • Pray for an immediate ceasefire and lasting peace in South Sudan, believing that ‘nothing is impossible’ for our God, the One who is Sovereign, ruling over all the nations of the world.

  • Pray for the people of South Sudan, particularly for all those who are living in daily fear of meeting with violence, having their homes destroyed or suffering death; and for those who are injured, displaced or grieving the loss of loved ones.

  • Pray for all in need of food aid, water and medical treatment.  Pray that each person will get the humanitarian assistance they need in time. 

  • Pray for all working to bring relief aid to those most in need, that their efforts will succeed despite the very complex situation on the ground and the significant ‘logistical’ challenges they face. 

  • Pray for the leaders and members of the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan.  Pray that they will find strength in the Lord at this time of catastrophe.  Remember especially the Moderator, Rev Peter Gai Lual and General Secretary Rev John Yor Nyiker, as they seek to provide wise and courageous leadership


For more info go to: SOUTH SUDAN FAMINE APPEAL


News headlines continue to be dominated by the very distressing situations in Iraq and Gaza.  The conflict in Syria also continues daily and over the past three years, thousands of innocent civilians have been killed and over nine million people have been displaced as a result. 

  • Pray for Christians and other minorities who are being persecuted.  

  • Pray too for those suffering as a result of the continuing violence in their region. 

  • Pray that sufficient humanitarian assistance and medical help will reach all those in need in time. 

  • Pray also for the leaders in Iraq and other nations; pray that they respond to the challenge of IS (Islamic State) effectively.

  • Pray for all efforts to bring a ceasefire and for a peaceful and just end to each conflict in the region. 

  • Pray for our partner church, the National Synod of Syria and Lebanon (NESSL). 


The Bible Societies in Ireland request prayer for the ‘100 Bible Translations in 1,000 days’ initiative – a drive to complete Bible translation projects that are currently at an advanced stage and which, when published, will have the potential to create access to the Word of God in the languages of 500 million ordinary people.  

  • Pray for those who are awaiting their first ever Scripture: like the 850,000 Kalanga speakers in Botswana, up to three million Alur speakers in DR Congo and Uganda, or the two million Quechua Bolivian speakers.

  • Pray for the completion of the New Van Dyke Study Bible whose potential readers number more than 200 million souls.

  • Pray too for the completion of the Hula Bible in Papua New Guinea, spoken only by 10,000 people in a country that teems with hundreds of languages.

  • Pray that God will bless all the above people groups as they wait with patience and excitement.

  • Pray for the efforts of the translation and publishing staff in the various Bible Societies who are trying to bring these projects to a conclusion by next year.  

  • Pray that all who are able to access to Scripture in their own language will be thankful for how richly blessed they are.   


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